Thursday 27 September 2012

Fire Extinguisher Refills

While on holiday in South Africa the fire extinguishers at the farm needed their annual maintenance check up and service. Bayteck drove to the farm and we were able to see the process.

 First each cylinder is checked for pressure and whether the powder is compacted.

 If the powder within is compacted the cylinder is emptied of it's contents.

 New powder is measured and poured back into the cylinder.

 The nozzle is refitted and the cylinder is re pressured.

 The cylinder is then washed and new stickers adhered with expiry dates and inspection dates.

There are a few types of extinguishers on the market today.


When you use a fire extinguisher remember to PASS

 An interesting look at the history and types have a look at Wikipedia, Atwood Fire and Security, Fire Safety Advice Center,

That sums up our fire safety explorations.


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