Friday 26 October 2012

HSMJ - You know you're a homeschooler when ...

In my life this week…
It had a busy start to the week with a meeting about developing a website for a bi-annual ladies retreat for the church followed by getting ready to go to Healsville Sanctuary for three days. 
Unit Study on Braille
In our homeschool this week…
Helpful homeschooling tips or advice to share…
  • Using Book of Virtues and free notebooking pages over at Shiver Academy.  This is a 992 page FREE download for you.
  • 10 days of Hymn Study over at Contented at Home. Each post contains Free notebook pages, a brief history, the words and music for each hymn.
I am inspired by…

Places we’re going and people we’re seeing…
  • We spent three days at Healsville Sanctuary with the T Family.
  • Attended the first Kelly Sports day for the term.
  • Played with E.
  • Did a morning of home school fitness with a fellow family.

My favorite thing this week was…
  • Going on an annual trip with five girl friends to Koorong Bookstore.

What’s working/not working for us…
  • Not enough routine.

Questions/thoughts I have…
  • Do you know where I can find free notebooking pages on Helen Keller and Louis Braille ?
Things I’m working on…
On My Bedside Table ...
  •  the same as last week.  Nothings changed I haven't read anything this week because I have been playing with my camera :) and surfing bloggy world and had no social media or internet for three days while up at Healsville Sanctuary.
In Bloggy world I’m reading…
I’m cooking…
  • Boerewors and potatoe salad for a barbeque
  • Vetkoek and mince to share with friends.
On Pinterest I found...

I’m grateful for…
  • my blog and the time my family allows me to spend here.  I ♥ looking for links and putting together information.
  • Pinterest.  I ♥♥♥♥ did I say it I am really enjoying Pinterest.
A photo, video, link, or quote to share…


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  1. Have you read The Seeing Stick by Jane Yolen? I think it might be an interesting literature addition to studying about blindness.

    1. Hello Emma. No I haven't I will check to see if our library has it. Thank you for the suggestion.

  2. you have so many great links here, thank you!!! Thanks for linking with Collage Friday!

  3. Thanks for sharing the Book of Virtues link. Checking into that for my girls.

    1. Hi Becca. It's a good idea to read the suggestions on the page of how to use it as it can be a little overwhelming when you first look it over.

  4. Thanks for linking up to HammockTracks. That book of virtues download sounds very interesting. I will check it out.

    1. You're welcome. Let me know what you think. It's worth reading the how to info that is on the page as it's a H U G E document and can be a little daunting. Blessings

  5. Thank you for sharing the resources. I will have to check those out. I also loved the pic. I am currently in the process of transitioning my daughter's grade level. I started her out where she would have been if she started public school, but now I am working on getting her to work on the next grade up. Have you checked the Simply Charlotte Mason website for suggestions? In one of their resources they have a study of both Helen Keller and Louis Braille, and another mom may have posted some helpful suggestions on the site ( look for 106 Days of Creation Studies.

    1. Hello Penny. I will pop on over and do a search. Thank you for the heads up.

  6. Oh, I love the story of Helen Keller. Such an inspiration - only only Helen but Anne as well!

    You're cooking some interesting things. LOL What are they??

    I love Pinterest too! So many great ideas! But I make sure that I don't get overwhelmed or feel like I have to do them! LOL

    1. I agree Helen is amazingly inspirational. I am in the process of reading about Anne if it was not for her determination Helen would not have been where she was.

      Boerewors is Afrikaans for "Farmers Sausage" it's a spicy sausage with a mince meat type of texture and is a traditional South African dish.

      Vetkoek is also an Afrikaans South African dish. It's basically white bread dough that is fried till golden brown then sliced open and filled with a savoury mince. It's very delicious.

      I know what you mean about Pinterest. I will never be able to do all the pins I have but I do so like collecting information to share with my homeschool friends and Pinterest is an excellent platform to do so :)

      What is your pinterest username ?

  7. Thanks so much for sharing my Hymn Study series! I really appreciate it.
    Also love the photo you shared at the end of the post, "You know you're a homeschooler when . . ." My kids hate to be asked what grade they are in, because they can never remember! :-)

    1. Hi Judy. You are welcome. I am with your kids on that score! I can never remember either. :)


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