Tuesday 30 October 2012

TT - The Global Puzzle

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This week ...
The Global Puzzle
I recently received this puzzle in the mail and am impressed.  I can't give a review yet as we have not commenced building it.  I will update this post as soon as we do!>

From Sonlight: "Did you know the average individual knows where only 18 of the world's 193 countries are located? A Broader View decided they wanted to do something to improve this statistic, so they created The Global Puzzle, a unique 600-piece puzzle that has proven to increase its users' geography knowledge by an average of 472% after completing the puzzle only one time."

Over at The Pioneer Woman: "The Global Puzzle was definitely challenging. With such a strong focus on Geography this school year, I imagine the kids will be able to work through it much faster at the end of the year when we pull it out again. Because of the difficulty level, and the non-interlocking manner in which the countries fit together, it isn’t a puzzle we would leave out and work on over and over. There are MANY very small pieces that could easily be lost if we weren’t careful. I would recommend The Global Puzzle with the caveat that it is way more challenging than expected – even for “frequent puzzler” families. Children 10 or younger will likely want your support.

Have you built or used geography puzzles If you have used this one what did you think ?


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