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A Touch Math Adventure {TouchMath Review}

TouchMath has been designed to use as a stand alone math program or as a supplement to what you are already doing. It's system reinforces maths principles and builds a solid foundation by helping your student firmly understand the concrete concept and transition via a hands on method progressing your student towards abstract maths. Sir N recently started using the Second Grade Homeschool Program.

Touch Math is designed to help children master math skills as they "see, say, hear and touch"

"TouchMath is the only program that uses the actual numeral as a manipulative by having TouchPoints (concrete level) and uses visual cues (pictorial/representative level) throughout the program to eventually remove visual cues and TouchPoints so the student can demonstrate a symbolic/abstract comprehension of the skill" - Research
Second Grade Homeschool
  • Four Units.
  • A comprehensive index (topics, module contents, all activities)
  • A full overview of vocabulary and resources
  • Page by page instructions and answer key
  • Content reviews and post test instructions
  • 6 Module instructions.
  • Progress Monitoring records 
  • A full implementation guide which provides a full program overview, tips and all the resources you need. 
  • 90 Student Activity Sheets
  • 6 Assessments
  • Answer Keys
  • Download Samples for each Unit
About the Worksheets
  • They are designed to take you from concrete to the abstract
  • From simple to complex processes
  • Build mathematical language (technical jargon)
  • Some worksheets are for individual practice and others are teacher guided. Each one is coded for you to see at a glance what your student is doing.
  • The activity sheets are uncluttered and clearly laid out.
  • Each sheet contains a footer bar with a description of the skill / topic covered on the page.
  • Pre and Post test modules to help you assess a students placement and their personal level of competence.
Record Keeping
  • A record sheet is provided to help provide overview of your students progress
  • Contains the topics for each module
  • Enough space to record multiple student information.
  • Each unit contains a full list of State Common Core standards worked on. This makes it easy to record your units.
Grade 2 Optional Extra's
Our Journey
With great excitement Sir N and I looked at samples of the Grade two year and decided yes we would like to try out some hands on Math learning. Sir N is a hands on learner who loves trying new things and this year I am trying to work more on allowing delight directed learning.

It was with great anticipation that we downloaded our PDF lessons. I felt a little overwhelmed when I opened Unit A and discovered it contained 239 pages! My curiosity got the better of me and I checked the other three: Unit B had 233 pages, Unit C had 235 pages and Unit D had 231 pages.  Wow I've never had a math program that came with the wealth of information supplied by TouchMath. No there are not  200+ pages per unit for your child to fill in.  Each unit contains 90 Student Activity Sheets the balance of each unit contains instructions for you the parent. It sounds like a lot of work but it is not.

Each unit contained a full implementation guide containing everything I needed to obtain the maximum benefit of the entire home school program. 

As we worked through the program I realized that it builds precept upon precept. I was surprised to learn that the program has been around since 1972 and as a result they have a lot of experience in teaching math. Since commencing my home school journey one of the things I have learned is that we push our children past the manipulative's learning stage too quickly much to the determent of their math learning.

Touch Math is unique in that it uses the physical number as the manipulative. This in turn means that you do not need to purchase any additional resources to teach maths. Having said this we have really enjoyed using the manipulatives supplied with the program. (Flip Cards, Student Number Cards, Second Grade Software, Touch Numerals with Base 10) It was like having Christmas when our math manipulative box arrived. I have not seen Sir N as excited about Math as when this 14 pound box arrived.

To make using the program easier I downloaded the pdf documents to my Galaxy Tab and had that close at hand to help me with each lesson.

 We spent the first part of Unit A learning the numeral touch points and becoming familiar with the program.  The software was especially helpful in this.

Each day we used the Flip Cards for math fact drill followed with a 15 minute lesson. There is no set number of lessons to do each day.  The pace of the lessons is set by the child and their individual grasp of the concept. The recommended time spent on a lesson is twice your students age. Sir N is seven which meant our lessons were 15 min a day.

Each set of flash cards correlates to the unit you are working through.  There are three boxes of flash cards per unit. The quality of the cards is excellent and they are big and easy to read. We did not use all the cards at each lesson we used up to 20 cards at a time depending on the skill level attained or the facts memorized.  We added in new facts as other facts were mastered. The back of each box has suggestions for usage. The spine of the box contains the name of the unit along with a description this makes for easy recognition if storing them standing up or in a box.

I really enjoyed using the base ten system with Sir N.  It reinforced the number 10 concept with him and helped him grasp borrowing in subtraction.

I was impressed with how math strategies are taught with each lesson. I also enjoyed the natural introduction of the technical jargon for maths. Each term is simply explained and with appropriate repetition the student becomes familiar with the math concept with ease. 

Sir N can become distracted with graphics so the clean uncluttered presentation of each page benefited his pace of learning.

**Cost {TouchMath Second Grade Homeshool}
  • Unit A $ 59.95
  • Unit B $ 59.95
  • Unit C $ 59.95
  • Unit D $ 59.95
  • Purchase all four units for $ 199.95 and save $39-85
  • The manipulatives are optional extra's. I would highly recommend you investing in these as they make for a much richer sensory program. There is a list of suggested resources at the bottom of the Unit purchase page.
** All prices quoted are correct at time of posting.  It is the responsibility of the purchaser to check the cost before purchasing. Prices are subject to change without notice. All prices are in US $.

Social Media
Touch Math uses social media to bring you their latest offers and free downloads as well as teacher support by providing a platform to ask your questions and have them answered quickly.
What others are saying Online
Overall we are enjoying this program. It does not contain busy work. Each page has a purpose and keeps the student engaged and moving forward. The manipulatives add a positive dimension to the daily math experience.



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    1. Thank you Deborah :) Loved seeing what your girls did too

  2. Hi Chareen. We are thrilled that you and Sir N enjoyed the program, and are always happy to hear and see ways in which TouchMath positively impacts students! Thank you for the informative write-up and wonderful photos of the program in use in your home. Please let us know if we can be of assistance in the future.

    All the best,
    The TouchMath Team

    1. You are welcome. Thank you for a wonderful program that is supportive to us as home school Mom's.


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