Friday 15 March 2013

Day 5 - Hands on Projects

When ever I consider hands on projects these days I always seem to think twice as it feels like so much work to do for one child.  I find it a challenge homeschooling an only as it was never really an issue when homeschooling my first two. One of the biggest influences in this area is my own personal learning style. I am a textbook read it kind of person.  I don't need to do in order to learn I get just as much satisfaction watching someone else do a science experiment than doing it myself. Sir N on the other hand loves to do. Monday's topic of Delight Directed education has inspired me to look at doing more Hands-on learning with Sir N in our homeschooling.

Things to consider
  • The activity needs to be appealing to your student
  • Engage the mind
  • Consider your students learning style.
  • Base the activity on an idea that will encourage the student to ask questions and grow from the experience.
  • Needs to enlarge the students understanding
Chinese Proverb
Benefits of hands on learning
  • The student is able to be an active participant in their learning.
  • Hands-on learning does not look like or feel like school so it encourages reluctant learners to participate in learning.
  • Encourages creativity
  • Produces a sense of accomplishment in your student.
  • Helps to reinforce a concept.

Ideas for Hands-on Learning
  • Explore Pinterest
  • Participate in field trips. Amy has some great ideas over at Bow of Bronze about this.
  • Use Lapbooking & Notebooking 
  • Play games, create games, puzzles
  • YouTube
  • Incorporate your kitchen in learning
  • Craft activity
  • Mapping activity
  • Re-enact (Dress Ups), Puppet shows, make a YouTube clip
  • Language Arts - Poetry, essay,
  • Explore the local Museums, Science Museums, Public Library, Farms etc

On the www
Some of our Hands on Learning projects

What are your favourite hands on learning projects ?


5 Days of Teaching Creatively

Day 5
  1. Delight Directed Instruction
  2. Schooling in the Kitchen
  3. Toy's, Games & Puzzles
  4. Homeschooling in a Crisis
  5. Hands on Projects
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Hands on Learning graphic courtesy of David Castilo Dominici

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  1. This is a great resource post for a homeschool mom. I love all the advice about Pinterest and the activities you offer in your Hands on Learning Projects section. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Great links to resources. That is so helpful. Thank you so much :)


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