Tuesday 16 April 2013

TT - The Solar System

This week ...

  • Format: Hardback
  • Number of Pages: 32
  • Vendor: Usborne Publishers
  • Publication Date: 2010
  • ISBN: 978-1-4095-1424-4
  • Author  Emily Bone
  • Illustrator: Terry Pastor & Tim Haggerty 
This is a twaddle free journey to the solar system. Each double page spread contains beautiful illustrations and concise information of the topic at hand.

There are 14 chapters, a glossary and an index of recommended websites.

This book is aimed at a younger audience and as an introduction to the Solar System unlike another book in this series: Queen Elizabeth II which is aimed at an intermediate level.

Sir N and I have enjoyed this book.


  Welcome to Tuesdays Treasures.  I started these posts as a way of sharing great books in honour of my friend in New Zealand who would arrive with the treasures she had unearthed at her weekly trip to the library!

There are so many wonderful books out there hiding on shelves so I invite you to blog about a book on your shelf, one you're reading or one you found at the library and add your post below:


  1. This looks interesting, Chareen. Our children always like reading about the planets and the solar system.

    Looking forward to joining you - hopefully, next week - with a New Zealand author. I'm sure you would know her, being part-Kiwi (my husand's a New Zealander, too, BTW!).

    God bless, Chareen:-)

  2. Hi Chareen,

    I hope you are well. I have a Tuesday's Treasures post ready to go, at last! I'll post it when you've posted your next one.

    I'll add the button, too - I've been meaning to get organised to do that for a while!

    God bless, my friend:-)

    1. I'm back on my hobby horse Vicky and the post will be up on the 7th of May. Blessings


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