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Shipwrecked - Art Instruction DVD {Review}

I first heard about See The Light art classes a couple of years ago when I was looking for an art curriculum to use with Sir N.  I was so excited when we were picked to review Shipwrecked which is part of the Bible Stories category.

I was very impressed with how quickly the DVD arrived in the mail. When it arrived Sir N watched and enjoyed the 15 minute story of the Apostle Paul told through the eyes of a little boy who accompanies his father for the first time on a ship.  It is brought to life with the captivating chalk artwork of Gloria Kohlmann.  We love how the picture within the picture comes to life at the end of the story as they dim the lights and turn on the black light. Sir N has asked to watch this a number of times.

See The Light Philosophy

SEE the artist draw the Bible story.
  HEAR the dramatic telling of the story.
  DRAW step-by-step lessons related to the Bible.
  SHARE the art and the story with others.

What is on the CD
I received one DVD in a plastic cover. The DVD contained the following 260 minutes of content
  • Shipwrecked - The story of the Apostle Paul told from the perspective of Giovanni a child joining his father at work on the ship for the first time. The story is told using the artwork of Gloria Kohlmann.
  • 3 Art Lessons
    COURAGE!(24 minutes) Letter Art taught by Heidi Shorts
    Who Will Save Us? (19 minutes) Chalk Art taught by Pat Knepley
    God is My Lighthouse (27 minutes) Mixed Media art lesson taught by Jim Pence
  • Revel Watch chalk-artist Gloria Kohlmann create a beautiful chalk art drawing depicting the story of the Apostle Paul while listening to original music "Breathing Room"
  • The Plan of Salvation a short creative presentation of the plan of salvation.
  • Gloria Kohlmann’s step by step commentary of her creation of the chalk art masterpiece used in the musical presentation.
  • Meet the See The Light team 
  • Extra Sound Track - Spanish included
Shipwrecked is part of the Bible Stories Series. The Story is suitable for ages 3+ and the art projects are suitable for ages 6+.

Supplies needed 

Creative Lettering: COURAGE
Crayola Extreme Colors Pencils (Office Works or See the Light)
Coloured pencils
Grey pencil
White paper

God is My Lighthouse
Crayola Extreme Colors (Office Works or
Permanent Black pens (thick and thin)
Water Colours
Water Colour paper
Masking tape
Two paintbrushes
Two large water containers
Paper Towel

Who Will Save Us
Fluro Pastels ( I was unable to find any in Australia so substituted with Crayola Extreme Colors Pencils)
Chalk pastels (I could not find any so used the oil pastels I had on hand)
Black Paper

What We Did
Sir N watched the story of the Apostle Paul a number of times as he enjoyed the dramatisation and especially the end when the secret picture appears.

The next day we gathered our supplies to do Courage! and sat together and learned to do some creative lettering together.  The teacher is Heidi Shorts.  We had the DVD controls handy and paused the DVD several times in order to complete the steps before proceeding to the next step. Originally I thought we would do the class over two days but Sir N was really enjoying the class so we continued to the end.  The highlight was at bed time when we showed Daddy and borrowed his black light torch to see the letters illuminate in the dark.

Our second project was God is My Lighthouse.  This class was taught by Jim Pence using mixed media. It took a while to gather all our resources and Jim does an excellent job of explaining exactly why you need each item and how it will be used in the lesson.  His instructions are clear. The one thing we did differently was we did not halve our paper as I find Sir N struggles a little with working in small detail so we left our page a full size (A4).  There were two things we learned and will do differently when we do this project again and they are:  we will use a better quality masking tape.  The one we used stuck too well to the paper and when we removed it we damaged our picture a little.  The second was that we did not add enough water to the back ground as I was fearful of using that much water.  This was a mistake because the sky paint did not run as easily as he showed us.  Sir N found creating the little ship on the horizon a little difficult and asked me to help him with this part of the project. Once again we really enjoyed bed time when we could switch off the lights and use Paul's black light to reveal the stars and lighthouse beams over the ocean.

The third project we did was Who Will Save Us? taught by Pat Knepley.  Unfortunately I could not source chalk pastels locally or on line so we substituted with oil pastels. (I have subsequently discovered you can purchase them on line from Office Works {Chalk, Soft Pastel Set, Fluoro Oil,} )This worked well and one advantage was that our hands did not get as dirty as they would have with chalk.   Sir N struggled a little with this project and was unhappy with his own effort about a third of the way in and decided to start again.  He was very keen to get to the part of drawing the ship and couldn't wait for bed time to use Daddy's black light to see the hidden scene emerge.   

What does it Cost (From See The Light Store)
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We both really enjoyed doing these lessons and look forward to investing in more bible story DVD's from See the Light.  I really enjoyed doing these lessons too.  Here are the results of my work

Every classes is encouraging on two fronts: one they build your faith and help you to see God at work in the every day and secondly they don't assume you know how to draw.  They equip you to grow in your artistic skills.  The teaching is gently paced and several times the artists encourage you to slow down and pause the video to do the steps they are showing you.  If you are not artistically creative and would like a teacher I would highly recommend you look at purchasing some See The Light classes (available on DVD or on line). 

Want to know more about Shipwrecked ?  Check out the video




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