Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Homeschool Giveaway! $549 Value from the Homeschool Blogging Connection Team.

This week is such an exciting week for me. I recently joined the Homeschool Blogging Connection Team.  I'm loving the opportunities that come up to share with you.  This week we have two exciting things happening; yesterday we launched a new ebook called Homeschooling Successfully When Life Happens{Aff} and today we have four vendors wanting to bless a home school family with $549 worth of homeschool products {CTCMath, The Reading Game, Kings of Israel Board Game and Math Mammoth}. 

In a Nutshell
  • One grand prize winner who will receive a copy of each prize. Valued at $549! 
  • Two additional winners for The Reading Game. Valued at $35.95 each/
  • The giveaway will remain open until April 30th at 11:59 p.m. USA EST.
  • This homeschool giveaway is brought to you by the Homeschool Blogging Connection team

Homeschool Giveaway.

Prize: CTC Math Curriculum 12 month family membership Value: $297

free 12 month-01
CTC Math Curriculum provides a complete on-line learning experience and each lesson teaches as much as an entire school math lesson in an average of just 5 minutes! The family membership is appropriate for all ages.

  • 1,367 animated and narrated math lessons
  • A bank of over 57,000 interactive questions
  • Diagnostic tests
  • Instant feedback to students and regular reporting to parents
  • Algebra, statistics, geometry, trigonometry, probability plus more
  • Your online math tutor

Prize: The Reading Game - Value: $34.95 (3 winners!)


 The Reading Game includes six beautifully illustrated story books, six decks of matching playing cards, & a Teacher and Parent's Guide. The Reading Game is appropriate for all children learning to read.
  • Your child can be reading in a week with “The Reading Game”!
  • It starts with a simple fast action-memory card game that teaches five words at a time.
  • Picture flashcards reinforce words learned through game play with simple phrases and introduce capitalization and punctuation.
  • Each of the content rich stories is told using only the 30 words learned through game play.
  • This staged learning format ensures success and no frustration - and builds confidence and enjoyment in reading!
  • On completing the series, the student has a reading vocabulary of 180 words, many of them Dolch and High Frequency words and will have successfully read six storybooks all on their own.
  • The Reading Game was created by “Wordly Wise” author Kenneth Hodkinson.

Prize: King Of Israel Board Game - Value $49.99

  Kings of Israel Board Game on White Background

Funhill Games is offering one winner the King of Israel Board Game. This Biblical board game is fun for the whole family and educational at the same time. The King of Israel Board Game is labeled for ages 14 and up, however younger children can play the game with assistance.
  • Kings of Israel is a cooperative game that places two to four players in the role of prophets struggling to save their nation from threats both internal and external.
  • Kings of Israel is a board game taking place in Israel (the Northern Kingdom) during the reign of its kings up until Israel’s destruction by Assyria.
  • Players are on a team and each person represents a line of prophets that are trying to remove evil and idols from Israel, while building altars to help guide Israel in the upcoming difficult years.
  • If the players are able to build enough altars before the game ends, they win.
  • If the group runs out of sin cubes or idols, or if the timeline token reaches Assyria destroying Israel, the prophets lose.

Prize: Math Mammoth Light Blue Series CD, grades 1-7(A) - Value: $167.50 USD


Math Mammoth Light Blue Series constitutes a full elementary mathematics curriculum for grades 1-7A. Some of the main features of the curriculum are:
  • It is mastery oriented, concentrating fairly long on one topic, with fairly few topics per grade;
  • It focuses on conceptual understanding.
  • Visual models and exercises are used a lot.
  • Mental math and number sense are emphasized.
  • The curriculum is nearly self-teaching for many children, since the explanations of concepts are found in the student work text. Thus it requires fairly little preparation time from the teacher.
  • The curriculum meets and exceeds the Common Core Standards.
Special: Get 33% off of any Math Mammoth Light Blue series products! Use coupon code MAMMOTH777 on this page: Math Mammoth Light Blue Series. This coupon offer is valid till April 30, 2015. a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: All entrants will be added to the Homeschool Encouragement Delivered Newsletter. The vendors in this giveaway will also be provided with your email address.You must be 18 years old or older to enter, and live within the United States. Please read the full terms and conditions before entering.

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