Wednesday 29 July 2015

Electives in the High School Years {Homeschool High School}

Welcome to the second edition of Homeschooling in the High School Years Blog Hop.

Last month we shared some thoughts on Homeschooling High School Planning.  This month we would like to talk about Electives in the High School Years.

High School years are a wonderful time to explore the greater world around you and discover the more complex subjects.

During these years most subjects are compulsory and needed in order to gain credits and a pass depending on the Country/State you are in.  Be sure to examine the laws/requirements of your particular area when planning the non- negotiable subjects.  Before you start considering the electives you will be pursuing in the high school years it is important to decide which subjects are non-negotiable.

The electives serve your home school well during this time as they keep your students inspired to keep on keeping on with their studies. They provide a platform to exercise choice and a vehicle to explore their own passions and educational motivations.

I've been speaking to my nephews and nieces and discovered that electives abound. These days there are subjects that I've never even heard of presented as electives...

Electives serve as a wonderful tool for the non-traditional track learners in your home and will equip them in their chosen field of study.

Electives to Consider

  • Technology {Computing, Web Design, Virtual Assistant, Social Media Management}
  • Business {Accounting, Business Math, IT}
  • Foreign Language
  • Bible {Old/New Testament Survey, Doctrine, Apologetic s}
  • Fine Arts {Music, Drama, Dance, Theater, Art Appreciation}
  • Humanities {Literature, Psychology, Journalism, Sociology, Communication, etc}
  • Life Skills {Foundations for daily living, Consumer Math, Home Economics, Nutrition, Budgeting, Banking}
  • Logic 
  • Agriculture
This is in no way a definitive list but rather a list to get you thinking about the possibilities ...

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Life Skills

One of the areas most neglected in the high school years is in the area of life skills.  It is  important to make a list of life skills your student will need when they leave home to either attend tertiary studies, work full time or moving out to start living independently.

A life skill is defined as a skill that is necessary in order to fully participate in every day life. It is the ability to cope with the challenges of daily life. It covers the skill sets of communication, decision-making, occupational requirements, problem-solving, time management and planning.

Take some time to think of the things you encountered when you left home that were daunting and felt like curved balls.
  • Talk about these things with your children.  
  • Schedule time in for them to practice new skills such as meal planning, etc.  
  • Take them with you to the bank so they become familiar with the banking system. 
  • Change a tire on the car.  Check the oil/water on the car together.
  • Get them looking for a bargain. Price compare for an item the family are needing to purchase.
  • Teach them to iron their clothes. 
  • Simple clothe mending (sewing on a button) etc.
Information is NOT Knowledge

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We hope that you have found the information you are looking for on home educating in the high school years and look forward to chatting about Math, Science, Biology, History next month.



  1. I love how organized and comprehensive this post is. And that chalk-board! Fantastic!

    1. Thank you Lisa :) I'm looking forward to reading everyone elses this week

  2. Amazing Blog! I too homeschooled in the Ogburn Online Home school. When i was in high school, the school provided us a list of creative electives. Photography was one of them, which made me to explore my interest in the photography. I is the most memorable thing of my school life.

  3. I've only just figured out my love for photography! I wish we had access to more electives in the high school years and I certainly appreciate the opportunities that are available now.

  4. there are so many possibilities of electives for highschool, it's good when you can tailor them to your children's interests.

  5. Electives are so important. I kinda wish more of those were required than some of the other subjects. So much can be learned from them.


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