Thursday 13 August 2015

Charles Dickens Resources for a Charlotte Mason Education {Day 4/5 Back to School Blog Hop}

I wish I'd had the inclination to read the works of Charles Dickens in high school.  I first became acquainted with the works of Mr Dickens after reading about him in Karen Andreola's A Charlotte Mason Companion {Chapter 31}. Karen calls Dickens 'A Mother's Secret Resource'

I'd always avoided the classics thinking they were outdated.  As a home educating parent I'm learning a deeper appreciation for these beautiful works that inspire me to live well and feed my mind with good food for thought.

As a family our first shared experience was the reading of Oliver Twist.  We loved the book so much we watched many versions of the movie including the musical. 

From this experience I have been inspired to find out more about this giant of English literature and have gathered together a few resources of interest to share with you.

I am still researching Miss Mason's approach to using Dickens in the home school and will update this post as I learn more on the subject.

Books on the Life of Dickens

Books written by Charles Dickens

Children's Versions

Teaching Dickens

About Charles Dickens on YouTube

Works of Dickens on YouTube

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I'd love to hear about your favourite Charles Dickens resources so that I may add them to this list. 


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  1. Great compilation! Marcia Williams books are fun to get the gist of Charles Dickens for younger readers. The BBC dvd's were helpful for me to get my head around some of his books & their complicated plots. Watching the dvd & then reading the book worked well for most of them except Little Dorritt - the dvd was hopelessly confusing without knowing the story, even though it was done very well.

    1. Thank you for the heads up on Litle Dorritt. So far my favourite is Oliver Twist and a Christmas Carol.

  2. An extra, or 2, for your list... we find these free podcasts interesting
    And both children enjoy, some of, the BBC dramatised audio's available through audible.

    (I'd just finished adding a Dickens note to our week ahead, and then noticed your post in my blogs reading list.)
    I'm going to link back to your post here.

    1. Thank you very much :D I will look into those.

  3. I haven't read much Dickens myself. I am curious now. I have hoped to read A Christmas Carol every Christmas, but just never get around to it. Maybe we'll have to start with Oliver Twist.


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