Tuesday 8 March 2016

Week 2 - Thoughts on Math and Science {Virtual Curriculum Fair}

Welcome to week two of the 2016 Virtual Curriculum Fair.  This year I will be co-hosting with  Kristen over at Sunrise to Sunset and Laura over at Day by Day in our World.

If you have any posts on the topic of maths, science, logic and critical thinking please add your link to the linky at the bottom of this post we look forward to seeing what you use to address these areas in your homeschool.

We have finally found a good fit for our Math now.  We are using Teaching Textbooks.  I'm still trying to find a good way for Nathaniel to work on his math facts.

For science we are following a number of pathways. I have shelves and shelves of wonderful science books that this year I've decided to work my way through these and as I do so I will be sharing the living books we choose what we will read and learn from on Instagram. We will be continuing to use our Learning Journal this year.  I discovered this fabulous resource on Instagram last year and really loved the concept.  You can samples of the authors work here: Learning Journal on Instagram.  Nathaniel really enjoys watching anything to do with Science so we often check out a couple of channels on YouTube. (Tested, Chris Hadfield, Slow Mo Guys, How It's Made and Brit LAB)

For logic this year my aim is to blow dust off the board games pile and use these as well as teach Nathaniel how to work his way through Sudoku.  I will be using this to do it: Sudoku Training Kit for Children {FREE Download}
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  1. I must look more closely at the learning journal it looks like a neat concept.

    1. Kylie it's a great concept. It's neat to answer questions they ask and have a record of their journey

  2. ooh... some new science channels to watch with my lad. :)

    Visiting through the VCF.

    1. I just discovered a new one this week. It's called How It's Made. ( I will edit now and add in a link)


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