Monday 7 March 2016

Week 1: Why did you start blogging (and why do you keep blogging)?

This post is going to have to be in the style of a Throwback Thursday post {but posting on a Monday}.  I had so many good intentions of joining in this wonderful opportunity hosted by Live Life with your Kids and Homeschooling Downunder.

Why I blog?
  • I love the act of writing and sharing.  
  • It's encourages me to research and find out more. I've always loved information and I love to share it with others.  Blogging gives me a platform to share
What attracted you to blogging
  • When I was doing my computing certification many many moons ago I learned how to build a website.  I really liked working with HTML but couldn't afford to rent web space.  Blogging allows me to be creative on the internet.
  • I loved sharing the new books I had discovered with my friends and had no way of doing that other than flooding everyone's mailboxes.  This got me wondering how I could share what I loved without writing an email but still have access to my own information.
My blogging story.
  • Oh my this little space looked so different back then.  I started blogging on the 20 May 2011. Back then my only two regular features were Tuesdays Treasures and the Homeschool Mother's Journal.  
  • These two things continue to this day on the blog. 
  • The Homeschool Mother's Journal posts up on a Saturday morning most weeks, we're up to edition  number 145 now.   Here is where I share what I've been reading online.  I share about the books, YouTube clips etc we watch and what Nathaniel has been learning at school.  I share about new homeschool posts of interest.
  • Tuesday's Treasures is in the process of being revived. This is where I love to share about books and resources for the family, home education and books I've enjoyed.
What I’ve learned because I blog
  • That there are many other woman out there who struggle with the same things I do.
What do I do other than blog (yes, I do have another life)
  • Read.  I love a good book. 
  • I'm in the process of setting aside one evening a month to catch up on all those Unfinished Projects lying around my home.
  • I co-ordinate a homeschool support group called: Christian  Home Educating Families
  • Work a few hours a week for the Schoolhouse Review Crew.
What are some things about you that you’ve never shared on your blog
  • Even though I've been homeschooling for over 17 years I still panic about it every now and then.
  • I'm six foot tall. 
Do you read other blogs? Which blogs inspire you
Links to your top blog posts 
I was a little surprised when I looked up the stats to find the answer to this question.  Here are a couple
Thank you Belinda and Michelle for hosting this link up it was so much fun reminiscing over why I blog and where I am going with my blogging.

Blessings my bloggy Friends who read my little world on the WWW I appreciate you company and inspiration.



  1. Love this post!! And I had no idea you are so tall- no fair, I am jealous!

  2. Hugs Friend :) I look forward to sharing a cup of tea :)


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