Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Can You Find It, Too? {Tuesday's Treasures}

One of the most challenging aspects of a Charlotte Mason education is learning how to incorporate the arts in our learning as this is an area of learning that I have very little knowledge and as a result I have not done very much art appreciation with Nathaniel.  Last year I was visiting my friend Beck who is currently home educating her four children and following Ambleside Online told me about some wonderful books she was using from The Metropolitan Museum of Art.  She has them on her shelf and has loaned them to us.

Can You Find It, Too?
  • Format: Hardback
  • Number of Pages:40
  • Publisher:The Metropolitan Museum of Art
  • Publication Date:01 Nov 2004
  • ISBN 10:0-8109-5046-4
  • ISBN 13:9780810950467
  • Illustrator: 20 colour illus
This is the second book in the series featuring paintings from The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, three other American museums as well as seven European collections.  The book contains beautifully detailed paintings which cover varying topics from battle scenes, castles, horses, coronations and tall ships.  Accompanying each painting is a list of can you find it items. For example she asks, "In this painting of astronomers can you find 1 bull's head, 2 people writing, 2 yellow feet, 2 winged women, 4 people pointing to the sky, 1 bridge, 2 flaming hats, 3 obelisks?"   At the bottom of the list is a short description of the painting along with dates.

Nathaniel and I have immensely enjoyed these books and hope that if you can find them in your local library or a friends book shelf that you too would enjoy a game of Eye Spy together!

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