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Knights in Training {Book Review}

As I grow older and am watching the world around me change daily, often my heart is left grieving for the principles which governed our daily lives from days of old.  From the time when community were united in their views and all children respected community values. We have been blessed with three children who are 23, 21 and 12. Years ago I discovered that their was Jewish Ancestry in my family line and as a result started learning about transitioning children to adults and having a ceremony to mark this important event in the lives of my children. I searched for literature and found wonderful resources.  However most of these told of the virtues to teach but non of them contained a detailed how to or even why to do so.  Today I am super excited to share KNIGHTS IN TRAINING: Ten Principles for Raising Honorable, Courageous, and Compassionate Boys by Heather Haupt with you.

In the beginning Heather lays a solid foundation to Knighthood and raising boys with purpose.  I have been underlining points of interest which I intended to share with you but in all honesty I would be re-writing the book!  Every page is full of thought provoking insights which have challenged my thinking and inspired me to stop saying things like: "Boys will be boys".  This book is not the kind of book you can skim to get the gist of.  It's the kind of parenting support manual that you want to take notes in and have on hand to refer to often.

I appreciate the way that Heather has laid out the book.  Knights in Training is 277 pages of  pure gold.  It is divded into three parts:

  • The Boy Raising Adventure - Heather lays a foundation to raising sons with purpose. Heather encourages us to raise boys that are not typical.
  • The Chivalry Challenge -  Chapter six to fifteen takes each separate statute and expands upon it.  Precept upon precept each code builds on the one before.  The first code  (Love the Lord Your God with Your Hear, Soul, Mind and Strength) is the basis for each of the codes which follow. Each of the codes are defined, practical suggestions, examples from her own family followed by some challenges for you to choose and apply to the young Knights in Training in your family. (Sword fights, polishing silver, jousting, playing games and serving others to name a few.)
  • Continuing the Quest - Heather answers the question behind how do we make these things stick and become the foundation upon which our sons build their character. 

One of my favourtie parts of this book is it's practical tips. Heather provides actual steps to take. We are given the wording of example conversations to have with our children. This is actual training we do with our boys – physical, emotional, and spiritual – and the book is full of practical tips to help us accomplish it in real life.

On her blog Heather has a fabulous list of recommended living books to give our boys real life and imaginary heroes that are worth emulating.
About the Book
Based on the Knights’ Code of Chivalry as depicted in the French epic Song of Roland, KNIGHTS IN TRAINING outlines ten character-building codes that teach boys the importance of respecting women, pursuing excellence, loving God, and standing against injustice.

In this accessible and much-needed guide, parents will learn the importance of:
  • Creating a micro-culture that mirrors their values
  • Mindful media consumption (i.e. why you don’t want your sons watching Frozen!)
  • Play weapons and how rules for engagement teaches boys courtesy
  • The essential role of faith and its impact on our actions, our place in the world, and our ability to honor the other
  • Discouraging potty humor - even if it promotes reading
  • Learning the art of disagreeing
Inspirational and practical, KNIGHTS IN TRAINING is an invaluable source for parents searching for a counter cultural way to ensure that their sons grow up independent, self-sufficient, and fulfilled. Knights in training is bibilically sound and practical on every level.

Teach your boys chivalry and one day they’ll slay dragons. With the help of the Lord, they can fight off the enemies of laziness, selfishness, and pridefulness. They’ll stand up for what is true and right!

Table of Contents

PART 1: The Boy Raising Adventure
1. Charting a New Path
2. Why We Don’t Want to Raise Typical Boys
3. Boys Are Different

PART 2: The Chivalry Challenge
4. Knights in Training: Stoking the Fires of a Lifelong Quest
5. Physical Training for the Quest
6. The Code: Love God
7. The Code: Obey
8. The Code: Stand Against Injustice
9. The Code: Protect the Weak
10. The Code: Respect Women
11. The Code: Don’t Give Offense
12. The Code: Speak Truth
13. The Code: Be Generous
14. The Code: Persevere
15. The Code: Pursue Excellence

PART 3: Continuing the Quest
* Raising Modern Day Knights is a Long-Term Quest

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Heather Haupt
Heather Haupt is the mother of three knights in training and a spunky little princess. She wants to raise children who will make a difference in this world. As an educator, writer, and popular conference speaker, she inspires parents to pursue a loving and holistic approach to education and parenting. She has taught in a variety of settings ranging from preschool nature classes all the way up to college biology labs and now homeschools her four children. She lives in the Dallas area with her family and writes at Tomorrow I will be sharing an interview with Heather here on the blog.

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Find out more about the book:  Knights in Training
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What others have to say
Some of my Friends have been loving this book too read what they have to say here
I LOVE this book and I deeply appreciate the time that Heather set aside from Raising her Knights to record her insights and practical help.  If you have a son no matter what his age I would encourage you to purchase this book and use the principles to inspire and encourage the boys and young men in your home to aspire to be more than average. Knights in Training will equip our sons to be a light in a dark world and will provide them with the tools to make wise choices.

If you have read Knights in Training I would love to hear your thoughts and how you have used it to encourage and inspire the boys and young men in your homes to walk upright and in the way of the Lord.


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