Tuesday 4 July 2017

LOGICO Learning Game Review

This morning I'm very excited to share about a new learning game which we've been using.   The LOGICO Learning System is now available in Australia.  Nathaniel has been given two of the LOGICO Piccolo sets to trial for our review.

What we received
  • LOGICO Piccolo - The board is made of durable plastic with ten movable pegs. The pegs are coloured: green, red, blue, orange, yellow and a second set with a white dot in the center. The board is user friendly and compact.  It has no loose parts, is portable (about the size of an iPad) and can be used on the go. The buttons are made of a durable material and are easy to grip and move.
  • Geometry 2 - This set contains 16 cards covering: left and right orientation, mapping skills, comprehension, symmetry, spacial relations, logical thinking and imagination skills.
  • Math Paths 2 - This set contains 16 cards covering: addition and subtraction up to 20, mental arithmetic (addition and subtraction), problem solving strategies and comprehension skills.
About the Card Collections
  • Each of the card sets come in a  plastic coated cardboard folder. 
  • The right inside flap has a contents list, listing each card and it's subject matter.
  • The right hand side contains a pocket for the cards to be stored in and the right hand flap has a pictorial guide on how to use the cards.
  • Each card is numbered from 1 to 16. Each one is printed in colour on quality card stock and plastic coated for durability and ease of keeping clean. 
  • The cards are clearly printed and visually appealing.  They are not busy and the use of colour enhances the experience. 
  • As the difficulty level increases so does the amount of text increase per card.
Working on a problem

  • Visual Discrimination
  • Logical Thinking and Reasoning
  • Spatial and Geometrical skills
  • Mathematical concepts and operations
  • Literacy development
  • Problem Solving
  • Independent learning 
  • Self Confidence

How does the system work?
LOGICO Piccolo is an educational hands on game for children in the primary school age bracket.
Before beginning a new card all the pegs need to be placed along the bottom edge in their slots.  Select a card from which ever set you are working on and slide it into the card slot in the Piccolo Board. The instructions for completing the task are contained in the yellow bar along the top of each card. Each question is colour coded to correspond with a peg.  Once the student/child has worked out the answer they move the answer peg to the corresponding answer along the right hand edge.  Upon completing the ten questions the card is removed from the slot, turned over and reinserted to check the answers.

    You can view a short YouTube clip on how Logico works here: YouTube  LOGICO

    Products Currently Available in Australia
    • LOGICO Primo (board with 6 moveable buttons for pre-school ages 3 - 5)
      • Concentration & perception
      • Logical thinking
      • Colours & Shapes
      • Numeracy
      • Reading Readiness
      • Sequencing
      • Sorting and classifying
      • Language development
    • LOGICO Piccolo (board with 10 moveable buttons for primary school ages 5 - 10)
      • School Readiness
      • Reading Readiness
      • Mathematics
      • Reading
      • Literacy
      • Natural Science
    LOGICO has been translated into 24 languages and is available in over 40 countries.

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    Checking the Answers

    Mission Statement
    Play, learn and grow together!
    Play is joyful, educational, creative and inspiring.
    Our educational toys are creative, innovative and imaginative. We believe in the power of play.
    • 1996 WORLDDIDAC Award
    • 2000 Netherlands Game of the Year award
    • 2001 is recommended by the Pedagogical University of Lisbon, Portugal.
    • 2005 USA Distinguished Achievement Award
    • 2006 USA Teachers’ Choice Award
    • 2006 Poland “Innovative Product” award
    • 2007 Star Award for Design by the China Toy Association 
     Connect with LOGICO
    Overall I thought
    When  LOGICO Piccolo arrived I was taken back to my childhood of quality hands on learning that is robust enough for children to use without me worrying about.  I couldn't wait for Nathaniel to use it.  I'm impressed with the quality and simplicity of the system.  I love that the learning cards are categorised into different topics across the curriculum.

    LOGICO fulfills its mission to assist children in developing observation, comparison, analysis and reasoning skills.  It is ideal for independent learning skill/task development.  It is portable and can be used when hands and minds need quiet activities.  I love the self-checking aspect of the system as it means that I am not constantly needed to check the answers before Nathaniel can go onto the next card he can do it all himself.

    LOGICO learning is the perfect tool to enhance and support your child's learning.

    Be sure to check the full range of cards and let me know what your children think of their LOGICO experience.



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