Friday 27 April 2018

5 Australian Children's Books

I was browsing my bookshelves and realised that I have so many more books to share (two bookshelves worth to be precise) and I'm down to my last day of books.  So today I thought I would share some books for the younger generation to appreciate us.

Australian Story : 
An Illustrated Timeline

  • Format Paperback | 32 pages
  • Dimensions 210 x 297mm
  • Publication date 01 Feb 2017
  • Publisher National Library of Australia
  • Publication City/Country Canberra, Australia
  • ISBN10 0642279047
  • ISBN13 9780642279040
From Book Depository: "Once there was nothing. Then there was something . . . Come on a fascinating journey through time--from the explosive beginnings of our planet through the formation of the Australian landscape, from the deeply entrenched history of our Indigenous people to modern-day Australia. Beginning with the creation of our country's landmass and climate, Australian Story: An Illustrated Timeline presents the key moments in our country's geographical, faunal and floral formation, and later human settlement. Featuring succinct entries on historical moments over the past 47 billion years, Australian Story covers such topics as ecological change, social upheaval, politics, invention, the industrial age, war, immigration, celebration, culture and modern technology--and presents them in a way that is visual, fun and thoroughly entertaining for children. Illustrated with a striking collection of photographs and images from the NLA's collection, this is history for children like never before. A fascinating snapshot of our country, Australian Story tells who we once were, who we are today . . . and where we are going. Originally published in 2012, Australian Story is now brought up to date with events up to 2016 and a new cover."

One of my passions in children's books is to find books that are beautifully illustrated.  This one is a beautiful mix of illustrated graphics and photographs of the events in Australian history with keynote sentances for each event.  It's one of those books that are a joy to look through and will hold your child's attention.

  • Format Hardback | 32 pages
  • Dimensions 233.68 x 294.64 x 7.62mm | 340.19g
  • Publication date 01 Mar 2005
  • Publisher Kane/Miller Book Publishers
  • Publication City/Country United States
  • Language English
  • ISBN10 1929132735
  • ISBN13 9781929132737
 It's not an easy feet trying to explain the sheer expanse of Australia.  For children every trip is an adventure even to town.  Alison does an amazing job of taking you on a journey around Australia.  She highlights the beauty and things that Australia has to offer and the illustrations are beautiful. This gorgeous book is one well worth taking the time to read.

  • Format Paperback | 32 pages
  • Dimensions 236.22 x 251.46 x 5.08mm | 136.08g
  • Publication date 15 Sep 1991
  • Publisher Cengage Learning EMEA
  • Publication City/Country London, United Kingdom
  • Language English
  • Edition statement Reprint
  • Illustrations note Illustrations, unspecified
  • ISBN10 0152632247
  • ISBN13 9780152632243
A children's Australian book list would not be complete without a book by Mem Fox.  Possum Magic and Australian children's story's are synonomous.  Beautifully illustrated by Julie Vivas.

From Book Depository:  "Grandma Poss makes bush magic. And her best trick of all is making Hush invisible. Now Hush will truly be safe from snakes. But one day Hush wants to become visible again. Grandma Poss looks and looks, but she can't find the right magic. Then she remembers. It's something to do with food! People food--not possum food. So the two set off on what becomes a fascination culinary tour of the cities of Australia to find the magic that will make Hush visible again."

  • Format Hardback | 40 pages
  • Dimensions 258 x 282 x 12mm | 521.63g
  • Publication date 15 Aug 2010
  • Publisher Cengage Learning, Inc
  • Imprint Sleeping Bear Press
  • Publication City/Country KY, United States
  • Language English
  • Illustrations note , colour illustrations, maps
  • ISBN10 1585364452 
  • ISBN13 9781585364459
D is for Down Under is part of the Discover the World Series.  These books are GORGEOUS and author Devin Scillian cleverly weaves together a clever story using the alphabet to introduce the reader to all things Australian.

  • Format Hardback | 160 pages
  • Dimensions 208 x 282 x 18mm | 819.99g
  • Publication date 01 Jan 1988
  • Publisher James Clarke & Co Ltd
  • Imprint Lutterworth Press
  • Publication City/Country Cambridge, United Kingdom
  • Language English
  • Edition Illustrated
  • Edition statement Illustrated
  • Illustrations note 188ill.(38col.).
  • ISBN10 0718827058
  • ISBN13 9780718827052
The History of Australia book is a beautiful read and wonderfully illustrated with black line drawings.  We are currently reading this wonderful book to learn more about the roots of this nation we hope to soon call our own.

From Book Depository: "Written with young readers in mind, this lively, lucid account of Australia and its people begins with the geographic shaping of the continent millions of years ago and continues to the present day. Here is the fascinating story of a land inhabited since the Ice Ages by Aboriginal tribes, a land which remained undiscovered by the rest of the world until the birth of the industrial age, when European settlement reshaped it in political and social terms. Original sources are used to highlight episodes that will especially appeal to young readers: we hear the voices of Aborigines bewildered by the advent of the Europeans, and of those who made the perilous journey across the world in sailing ships ...We share the weariness of explorers trudging towards a far horizon, and the elation of a lucky gold-digger ...We storm the heights at Gallipoli alongside the Anzacs, and realise what it must have been like to go hungry during the Great Depression, or to fight in the Jungles of New Guinea ...This history, a distinguished collaboration between Manning Clark and Meredith Hooper is lavishly decorated throughout in colour and black-and-white by Susanne Ferrier, whose illustrations perfectly complement the text and give the book an extra, vivid dimension of sheer visual enjoyment. History of Australia is a book to be shared, appreciated and enjoyed by all those eager to discover the story of this great new country."

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