Monday 6 June 2011


I just love it when the courier arrives at my front door with an envelope or box full of new books for us to use ! I was surfing The Book Depository having a look at the new Usborne books available when I stumbled across this one:  Usborne The Children's Book of ART.

The Children's Book of ART

This hardcover treasure has 64 pages introducing 32 works of art covering a period of around 500 years.  It has a neat uncluttered layout with enough information to introduce the young in your home to art, the reasons and the how's to the types of art are also explained.  The book is part of the internet linked series available from Usborne. The best part of this bargain is I sourced it for under AU$15 postage included !
A word of caution: there are two famous paintings of semi naked people in this book, if you find this offensive you could easily glue the pages together and still have access to a really great resource.

I am looking forward to reading this book to Mr N as we start official school together this week.

Practical art at home ....

I have all these beautiful artistic  books on things to do but somehow in the busyness of time I never seem to take them out, so this year I have linked in with some homeschool mom's and have been attending two different art co-ops with Mr N where we are using the following:  Artistic Pursuits and  Drawing Textbook by Bruce McIntyre. Each co-op is on a fortnightly basis which means we can do a different type of art each week.

Artistic Pursuits Book 1
Mr N has done three lessons so far and seems to be enjoying the different things he has tried.  In week one he did some watercolour painting. (I tried to scan this but it was too faint on the page.)

This is his second week.  
Here Mr N used water colours to paint his castle and king.  He then cut out some 'gold leaf' enhancements.

In week three he learned about etching.

I tried a few different techniques to do this.  First I tried colouring in with wax crayons then painting black Clag paint over the top and when dry tried to do the etching but that did not work.

Secondly I tried using  Colorix Silky Crayon and did the back ground colouring, then used the black Colorix over the top.  We then used a wooden kebab stick to etch.  This worked very well providing we did the etching straight after we had layered the black over the colours.  I found that once I had done the black if we left it, it seemed to "set" and was no longer willing to be etched.  If you want to do this project over two days then colour in the back round on day one.  Colour the black over the top two min before you want to do the etching.

To store these works of art I have recently purchased an A3 Visual arts diary and we will be gluing his pictures in there.  On the opposite page I am aiming to get him to narrate what technique he has used and a little about the artist whom he has heard about for the week.

Drawing textbook by Bruce McIntyre

I managed to pick up this treasure about ten years ago.  It's a small A5 sized yellow paper covered book.  I have found this little book valuable in the way that it equips the student and the teacher with clear, concise instructions for each picture you draw.  From very basic line drawings in lesson one to three dimensional drawings in lesson thirty-seven.  Each lesson consists of six drawings.

I have bought Mr N an A4 spiral bound art diary in which I have divided each page into six squares. Each lesson is presented on a white board step by step.
The first three lessons we did a full page of six drawings each.  From lesson four we have only tackled two drawings a lesson as the jump in required ability for a six year old was a little too much.  So instead of quitting we have slowed down.  After all we do have a few years ahead of us ☺

This is Mr N's first lesson. 

I am in search of great books introducing art and great paintings to Mr N.  Do you have any suggestions ?

Till next time.....
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  1. I'm so glad Mr N's enjoying using the Artistic Pursuits. We really like those books too. :)

    One bonus item I bought this year was the Metropolitan Museum of Art Calendar (as recommended by Jimmie's Collage).
    There are sometimes inappropriate pictures, so we just miss that date. Most of the time, though, it's interesting to read the little blurb and enjoy that picture for the day.


    (PS - hope you're feeling much better soon! xxx )

  2. Well done Mr N in your creations with different techniques in art. Its wonderful to see the bud come into blossom. Continue the good work with Gods blessings.

  3. Thank you for the encouragement. I too am enjoying seeing Mr N experimenting and enjoying the process!

    The Art Page Day Calendar looks great. I will need to keep a note of it and see if we can purchase one for the new year. Next time you are over this side for a visit could you bring it along for me to have a look??

    It's been really great being part of a co-op as it's not me carrying the load on my own.

    Yes I am feeling better. Slept in till 9.30 today. My other half is doing a grand job looking after me :)


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