Thursday, 3 September 2015

Clown Collage inspired by Picasso {Virtual Fridge}

This Week

This week I blew the dust off my favourite art study book and we had a look at a piece by Pablo Picasso from 1920 - Punchinello with a Guitar. The instructions for this piece of art can be found on page 22 and 23 of The Usborne ART Treasury.

This Month's Theme
Welcome to the Virtual Fridge for the month of September. If you are after some inspiration our theme is modern artists.

This weeks Feature

This weeks feature is a Hand Swan Painting from over at My Bright Firefly.

Your Turn

I invite you to take some photo's of your children's artistic pursuits put them in a post and link up with me I would love to come over and see the wonderful art your children have enjoyed doing.
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The Virtual Fridge a weekly art meme where we can hang our children's art on a virtual fridge. This meme was started by Jennifer over at A Glimpse of our Life who kindly invited three other bloggers to co-host this weekly meme.

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Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Roman Town (iOS App) - {Review}

Roman Town App iOS by Dig It Games Review
A couple of years ago I was introduced to Dig-It Games when the Crew did a review of the educational app: Mayan Mysteries.   Recently they launched a brand new app called: Roman Town.

The goal of Roman Town is to train your students to use strategic thinking, memory, logic and math skills while taking an in depth look at the culture and historical background of Pompeii.

Dig-It Games was founded by an archaeologist and a middle school teacher who combined each of their passions to develop educational games.  The goal of their games are to encourage your students to think independently in order to solve problems, become more culturally aware and learn autonomously.

How we used it
We looked for Roman Town in the iTunes store and downloaded it onto our iPad. Initially I left Nathaniel to play this game on his own. Once he had explored the city and games we decided to reset the game and start from the beginning again together.  He took great delight in showing me how the games worked.  Some of them we had to work together at in order to solve them before the timer stopped the game. Each of the games have an explanation before you begin to play.
Fiona and Charlie have to work through the following areas in Pompeii:
  1. Street - Each of them need to get four clues here.
  2. House of the Vettii - Fiona needs three clues and Charlie needs five.
  3. Baths - Fiona needs five clues and Charlie needs three.
  4. Temple of Jupiter -Each of them need five clues.
  5. Basilica -Each of them need one clue here. 

Landrone is on the loose in Pompeii. I will not say too much about this charcter less I give away the end game ...

There are two characters Fiona and Charlie. Each one has to work their way through the Roman city of Pompeii.  You choose which character you would like to play and your job is to speak to all the people that are found in each area of the city.  Some will give you interesting history.

 When you open the screen you will see the guests.  Each guest has a blue exclamation mark above their head.  When you click on a guest your character walks up to them and they speak to you.
Some of the guests have a game that they challenge you with.  IF you win the game you then receive a clue to help you solve where Landrone is.

Code Breaker

Their are a variety of games to be played.  There are a total of nine mini-games to play.
  1. Artifact Identification - Ancient artifact identification
  2. Calculi - 5 in a row
  3. Roman Numerals - Translate Roman numerals.
  4. Concentration - pair matching game.
  5. Knucklebones - Roll the bones to make up specific combinations
  6. Code Breaker - Decipher the numerical code combination.
  7. Jigsaw - puzzle
  8. Pipes - reconnect the pipes to allow the water to flow
  9. Maze - Solve
There are 21achievement levels for the player to unlock. Some of these involve playing a game a certain number of times or collecting a certain number of clues.
Roman Numerals

For the Parent
  • This game needs iOS 8.0 or later to run.
  • Is compatible with iPad.
Recommended Age Range
  • 9 to 11 years old.

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Over All I thought ...
Both Nathaniel and I have really enjoyed playing Roman Town and highly recommend this new game from Dig-It Games.


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Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Trim Healthy Mama Summer in a Cup

Spring is in the air and I have been looking for something delicious to drink.  I was scrolling through #trimhealthymama on Instagram and saw a post for Green Tea Lemonade. I had read about the health benefits of green tea and really wanted to incorporate it into my daily routine. This is my tweeked version and let's just say that I am no longer hankering after orange juice ...

Trim Healthy Mama Summer in a Cup Recipe

  • 2 green tea bags steeped in hot water for 4 min*.
  • 2 tsp sweetener or more if you have a sweet tooth.
  • Allow it to cool
  • Add juice from one lemon
  • 2000 mg vit C
  • Optional ½ teaspoon Orange Oil
 *Green Tea is very bitter if you steep it too long so remember to steep for no longer than four minutes.

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Looking forward to Summer Downunder!

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