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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

The Farm - Trackers South Africa

Our first few days at Trackers were days of exploration and rediscovery. This is where Paul's parents have lived for the last thirty years and where I met Paul 24 years ago.

Trackers (Chester Farm)

This gecko is living on the verandah

Witnessed this amazing storm from the verandah

Nathaniel and his friend catching up on the last two years

Love the colours on this moth

Camping out on the verandah

Walking down to the gate (2 km from the homestead)

Trackers homestead



Monday, 27 October 2014

Traveling from Highveld to the Lowveld

We spent a great week in Johannesburg with Paul's sister and I was blessed with being able to meet up with two of my high school friends. Once we had all got over our jet lag we took a 500+ km drive from Johannesburg to Trackers. It was a long day but a happy one.

We drove via the Voortrekker Monument (I will share more on this next month when I'm back in Australia). I visited this monument back in 1981 and it made such an impression on me I've wanted to return ever since. We spent two hours exploring the monument before resuming our trip.

There are salesmen at most traffic light intersections

The approach to the Voortrekker Monument in Pretoria South Africa

Nathaniel sitting on an ox wagon

Ox wagon lapa

Voortrekker Monument

This display is made of icing

Nathaniel found a money tree

The Jacaranda trees are in full bloom 

The rolling hills of the high veldt

Till next time Chareen

Friday, 24 October 2014

10 200 km

We are safe and sound in South Africa fellowshipping with family and friends of days gone past. Here is a photo journal of our trip from Melbourne to Sydney and then on to Johannesburg.

It is 10 200 km from Sydney to Johannesburg. The flight path takes you south over Antactica.

Our day started at 4 am in preparation for our trip to Melbourne International at 4:30 am. It was a 22 hour day altogether.

We flew on QANTAS

Victoria, Australia from the air

I love the look and feel of our New Zealand passports. 

Practicing Kiwi haka faces!  BOYS will be boys ...

On the terminal transfer bus in Sydney, Australia

Finally over African soil

Johannesburg airport. This elephant is made from beads

Our home for the first week in South Africa

The children were in the pool by 7 am

Time is relative in South Africa.

Untill next time

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