Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Elementary French Course (Grades 3-5) Middleburry Interactive Languages {Review}

The French language is a beautiful language and it's one of the languages on my bucket list to learn.  Recently Middlebury Interactive Languages blessed us with a subscription for their Elementary French Course (Grades 3-5)

The course focuses on: vocabulary acquisition and basic grammar principles.  These are intuitively grasped through stories games, activities, songs and assessments.

The goal of Middlebury Interactive Languages is for the student to:
  • Engage in language learning 
  • become comfortable with the sounds and rhythms of French
  • learn simple French phrases
  • Begin to read, write, speak and listen for meaning in French
  • To recognize distinctive practices and customs of the French-speaking cultures.
Navigating is very easy within Middlebury Interactive languages.  The screen is divided into to sections.  On the left you can see each using.  When you click on a unit a box drops down to reveal the lessons within the units.  You can see which lessons are complete at a glance by the little greet tick mark next to completed lessons.

Each unit is based on a story (Unit 1 was Little Red Riding Hood),  a myth or legend from various French-speaking cultures.

These are reinforced as students perform simple tasks in connection with each unit's theme. For example in Unit 1: Greetings each French greeting is connected with a character in the story.  In the exercises Practice: Greetings 1 the student is given the five characters and greetings and has to match them up with one another.

In the speaking lab the student listens to the vocabulary being learned and then records themselves speaking each word.  They are then able to hear themselves when they push the playback button.

Under the menu you can select Gradebook. The system records all completed tasks and quizzes. In the menu under grade book you can view all graded work

Grade book summary view

 You will be able to view
  • the grade accomplished 
  • when it was submitted. 
  • View button - you can view the activity and leave a comment.
  • Grade Report button

When clicking the report button a pop up window opens to reveal:
  • the current grade (subdivided into: evaluations, unit tests and quizzes)
  • Assignment Average
  • overall Course Grade.  The student can earn a total of 586 possible points

Connect on Social Media:
Facebook: Middlebury Interactive Languages
Twitter:  @middinteractive
Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/middinteractive/

I'm enjoying watching Nathaniel's confidence grow as he works his way through Middlebury.  I just wish I could learn as fast as he does! I enjoy the simplicity of the overall program and how it automatically keeps track of his grade and progress for me.

Spanish, French, German or Chinese {Middlebury Interactive Languages}

Crew Disclaimer

Friday, 21 October 2016

What does it mean to be a part of the Homeschool Review Crew ?

When I joined the Homeschool Review Crew back in 2013 I had no idea what was in store for me.  I joined on a whim after seeing a friend of mine had been reviewing for them and I'm a curriculum junkie!  I'm still using products in my homeschool from back then.  I love my year on the crew so much I applied to be on their team ever since. Today I am joining in with the team as we share what it means to be on the Homeschool Review Crew.

What being on the Crew means ...

My passion is supporting home school families to successfully home educate.  One of the biggest blessings of the Crew is getting to know about the wide range of new and updated curriculum on the market.  This in turn helps me help my new and veteran home school friends find what they are needing to home school successfully.  Having the product means I am able to show these families what I am talking about. 

At the beginning of the 2016 Crew year I was promoted to the leadership and now have some official responsibilities helping Debra Brinkman look after the 200+ bloggers who are a part of the Homeschool Review Crew.

The Crew Gave ME
Joining the Crew has opened so many opportunities for me as a blogger.
  • The Crew introduced me to a mentor who helped me through the process of my first three reviews.  They were the go to person if I needed anything.  
  • The leadership were approachable and super helpful and supportive.  
  • I had access to a special forum which contained all the information that I needed.  
  • The crew host fortnightly round up posts that I can submit links to which are shared on their blog. 
  • I have the opportunity to guest post on their blog (They have 5,000+ subscribers) with links back to my blog.
  • They have social media mentors who helped me learn to use my platforms better.
  • They have up to 75 different homeschool curriculum opportunities for me to choose to use.  I am not given things I can not use and my reviews are 100 % my own thoughts.  I am not required to write positive reviews only honest ones.
  • They host two annual blog hops which are a lot of fun.  Here are a couple of  hops I've participated in: 5 Days of Homeschooling Essentials5 Days of Curriculum Choices and 5 Days of Teaching Creatively.
  • The best part of the experience are all the new blogging friends I make each year. 
Some of my favourite resources this year have been:
Who the Crew are we looking for 
The Homeschool Review Crew is growing. They are currently looking for bloggers from all over the world to join their team.
  • You need to have a blog.
  • Currently home educating at least one child. Your child/ren can be anywhere from Pre-K to 12th Grade.
  • You need to be active on social media of your own choosing (Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram)
  • Love curriculum, homeschool products and books.
You can read more about the requirements to join the team here:  2017 Crew Applications Now Open.
How can you apply? 
After making sure you meet all of the requirements, if you believe you would to an asset to our Crew and wish to join us, please fill out their application. Click here to fill out the 2017 Schoolhouse Review Crew Application!


Thursday, 20 October 2016

German Nutcracker Drawings {Virtual Fridge}

This Week
Nathaniel and my Nutcracker.

This week we tackled another ArtAchieve Lesson. This weeks lesson is Level II-Art Lesson 6: The German Nutcracker.
Laura, Belinda and Ethan's Nutcrackers

This weeks Feature

This weeks feature is a tutorial  Oil Pastel Resist Leaves from over at Our Unschooling Journey.
Your Turn

I invite you to take some photo's of your children's artistic pursuits put them in a post and link up with me I would love to come over and see the wonderful art your children have enjoyed doing.
Virtual Fridge Link Up


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Please NOTE by adding your links to the Virtual Fridge link up YOU are giving the hosts of the Virtual Fridge link up permission to use a photograph from your blog to feature 
your ART along with a link to your art/tutorial.

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