Saturday 10 March 2012

Expedition Earth: AFRICA - Egypt

This week we resumed our Expedition Earth travels.  Since we are going to be going on a journey to South Africa in four weeks time we decided to visit the Continent of Africa starting in Egypt.
Mummification Experiment.

We learned
  • That kings and special people were buried in pyramids.
  • The king of Ancient Egypt was called a Pharaoh.
  • Egypt is in Africa.
  • The secret of how pyramids were constructed has been discovered.
  • They painted pictures on the walls inside the pyramids.
  • A lot of the things we use today were invented in ancient Egypt (time, 365 day year, locks, toothbrushes, toothpaste, combs etc)
  • There were no roads in Egypt because they used the Nile to get around.
  • Paper was made from papyrus and they used pictures to write words.
  • We did a Mummification Experiment. (results to come next week)
  • A mummy is a dead person.
  • We baked Egyptian style cookies and shared a cup of tea. (We had to add an extra table spoon of butter because the mixture was a little dry.)
  • Sir N's favourite thing was the pyramids. (We built a 3 D model of Kufu's Pyramid)
  • Egypt has the largest Muslim population in the world at over 80 000 000.
  • They use Egyptian Pounds and some of their coins have holes in them.
  • The Egyptian Flag has red at the top, white in the middle and black at the bottom. It also has a gold bird in the middle.

We baked Egyptian style cookies

Our Resources this week


Notebook Pages

Wildlife Study
Sand Cat
Nile Crocodile
Horned Viper
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  1. Did you do all this in one week?!!!!!!

    1. Hello Erin :)

      Most of the links are short videos that we watched.

      Of the notebook page links I picked the ones we wanted to use from each site. It was loads of fun :)

      We did not read each and every book in it's entirety but picked the pages we were interrested in.

      As for the websites I surfed them to answer questions in our Notebook pages.

      :) I placed the links here for me to use in future when we do Egypt in more detail.

  2. This is fantastic!! Thanks so much for linking up :) I'd love it if you'd also link it up with "Look! What We Did!" ( this coming Wednesday...I think the readers of that link-up would love to see this too.

    1. Hi Susan.

      See you on Wednesday :)

    2. Hi Chareen. The link-up from last Wednesday is still open (, so you could link up now, if you want to. As it turns out, Theresa and I are doing something a bit different this Wednesday, so we won't have the normal link up open. Sorry to be confusing!

    3. No worries Susan. Done :)

  3. This unit study is simply amazing! Thank you so much for sharing it with us! By the way, I pinned it on Pinterest and am now a follower on you blog. :)

    1. Thank you. You are welcome. Pleased to meet you and welcome to my blog :)

      Love your Eclectic Musing. Never heard of Muffin Tin Monday's what a neat idea :) Might give that a try when we get back from our wonderings!

      Love your project 365 idea. Think it would be a good one for the new year !


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