Monday 4 July 2011

Night Zoo Delight

Thought I would share a photo story with you about what we did last night at Werribee Open Range Zoo. We arrived at the zoo at around 6 pm and spent a wonderful two and a half hours exploring and enjoying the dark!  It was fantastic. 
We went to the Wild Nights event which is on from the 2 - 16 July 2011.

And the cost ?
All children under the age of 16 have free entry to all three zoo's (Melbourne Zoo, Healesville Sanctuary and Werribee Open Range Zoo) during the holidays, public holidays and on weekends.

Photo Story of our Journey through the
Wild Nights Zoo after Dark event

The ad you can see from the motor way

I loved this gecko light which wonders around on the floor at the entrance.

These zebra statues are out the front of the bistro
If you walk among them you can find some baby zoo animal statues!
Loved the tails.
Meercats outside the Bistro

King is the African drummer. 
He let us touch his drum and told us he made his own drum.
The goats leather top is replaced every 3 months.

Fire Dancing

Next stop: The Nocturnal House

Nocturnal House
Wonderful reflective painted animal life

Can you see the frog ?

It was so interesting seeing this spider lit up at night!

Next Stop: Monkeys & Marshmallows 

Ready to enter the world of the Zoo at night.

This way to the monkeys =)

The monkeys were cuddled together in the cage.
This is a night behind the scenes for free.

This lady was an absolute treasure. She helped Sir N bake his marshmallows.
Then she gave him a special torch and helped him find things in the trees outside.
We saw two ringtailed possums.

Next Stop: Serval presentation 

Paul and Nanki at the Serval Presentation.

Hippos, Night Cruises, Obstical Course
and an Archiological Dig

Where else can you sit in a hippo mouth safely ?

The Kubu Queen boat at the hippo display

Obstacle Course

Look Mom FOUR brushes and all this sand =)

We had so much fun that Sir N wants to go again. So rug up and get batteries for your torch and make your way over to Werribee Open Range Zoo and experience a Night at the Zoo.  There are only two zoo's in Australia who open their doors to the public at night and this is one of them. 


  1. That looks like a heap of fun.
    I'm glad to see you were rugged up as it's been so very cold!

  2. It was heaps of fun =)

    We had four layers on ! But it was worth every layer to be there.


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