Saturday, 15 October 2011

New Beginings

It's been nearly a month since I first started this new venture.  I am pleased to be back.  I have been surfing some encouraging bloggers and discovered a new challenge for this month that fits in really well with another challenge I have take on for home and self.

Today is a new start for me.  Last year I had a serious moment of "The grass is greener" and decided to look for a part time position.  I have spent the last year working 12 hours a week in the evenings as a Store Recovery associate at Big W.  Well as my year progressed I found that I have become more and more exhausted and have been neglecting both my family and my home.  I finally reached breaking point last month and had a chat with Paul and together we talked about my goals and priorities.  He was very supportive of me resigning and being once again a full time SAHM (Stay At Home Mother).  I feel as though this HUGE weight has been lifted from my shoulders.

Now here I am feeling as though so much is spinning out of control and all I want to do is step of the planet and stand still !  I have found a few helps in the blogging sphere that I feel will help me gain control in a number of areas of my life.  I would like to share them here with you and invite you to join me on the journey.

First on my list is:

I have purchased this and had every intention of starting this on the 1 October but unfortunately life happened and it was not to be.  How ever I intend to start on Monday and will be blogging about this journey over here.  I invite anyone out there to join me on the journey.

The title of the eBook is 31 Days to Clean - Having a Martha house the Mary way. This book has been written by Sarah Mae. Sarah has graciously provided a sample day (Day 1)
I have had some time to look over this resource and it is something that provides baby steps and heaps of encouragement.  I have decided rather than work on clean for 31 days straight I will be working my way through the book/challenges from Monday to Friday.

Once you have purchased the book there is also a reader only download page containing a wonderful page of video's to encourage you on your journey (Sample). These video's have been created by Jennifer Ross from Renewing Housewives. The book costs US $4-99 and can be purchased on line. There is also a table of contents for you to look over.


Today I discovered Courtney's blog called Women Living Well.  I am so pleased I stumbled across her little place in cyber space.  I have come away encouraged and inspired. Today I was reading about her 31 Day Fall Challenge - Making Your Home a Haven (for me it will be a spring challenge!)  

This challenge is NOT a daily challenge but rather a weekly challenge. 

As Courtney Blogs her way through her challenges I will share the links here and update regularly.

Third but definitely not last !

Last weekend along with some beautiful women from Suburban Baptist Church we started Healthy Lifestyle by Careforce Lifekeys. This is a ten week course which we have started a bit late in the year so in order to complete it before the Christmas break we did session one, two and three last weekend.  I came home refreshed and encouraged to take ownership of my health, what I eat and what form of exercise I choose to do. 

  • Session one was one which encouraged us to embrace life.
  • Session two was all about Getting into Physical Activity. Part of this challenge is to choose to do a little more activity each day.  For me I would like to start walking and build up my endurance and speed.  I need to have a look at my schedule and see what will work without detracting from the time my family needs.  Any ideas would be appreciated.
  • Session three looked at nutrition.  This is one in which there is nothing new but it was good to be reminded.    We also did a core training session using nothing but an exercise mat and a balance ball.  Really good workout.  I am sorry to report that no I have not repeated any of them this past week but this is something I am hoping to do at least twice a week.  However Sir N and I did get out and about on my bicycle and his tag along.
  • Tomorrow will be session four:  Introduction to weight training. 


  1. Sounds like you're a woman on a mission! Lovely blog, it looks beautiful.

  2. Thank you so much Linda. I am on a mission I am really tired of the way my space is at home and with how and where I am at at present. Hopefully soon will see some results :)

  3. Very encouraging blog! May your journey continue to help you find your feet and gain a healthy way of living that suits your family and your needs. Being a wife and mother can take it's tole on you and the most important focus must be the head of your you house and that is "As for me and my house we will serve the Lord" then everything else will fall into place the Lord will uplift you and your family and bring peace that passeth all understanding upon your home.
    Blessings my child and love you

  4. Thank you so much Mom.

    I am looking forward to feeling better and having my home restored.

    You are my inspiration and my friend and I love you too.

  5. It's exciting to get to the point where life is interesting and it's all running smoothly, don't you think? Last year, I read a couple of inspiring books which made me excited about all the possibilities in life - I think it actually had a lasting impact.

    I look forward to reading about how it all goes, Chareen, and picking up some ideas:)

  6. You are so right Vicky :) I am looking forward to this journey.


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