Thursday 3 November 2011

Today I was encouraged

some Encouragement to your mail box
I have been feeling really really ill this week.  Somehow I managed to get the flu as well as a gastro bug.  I was sitting here feeling rather sorry for myself and decided to do a little bit of blog hopping. (OK the little bit turned into a few hours BWG, and my favourite part was listening to Paul read Heidi out loud to Sir N and hear Sir N begging for more.  Ah that sound warms my heart.  A living book proclamation!)

I have also decided to import my posts from GEMS 2 TOTS and delete the GEMS blog.  I have spent some time contemplating what to do with this blog and decided I would rather have it all under one roof.  What are your thoughts ??

 I feel really encouraged now and thought I would share a few things I found on line:

Home School Burnout / Encouragement.

Home School Mums Reading List

Family Worship


About Blogging - Motives of the heart.....


Source Blogs

Blessings my friends may you be as blessed as I have been by the Titus 2 woman who are out there willing to share their journeys with us.


  1. Good morning Chareen

    Just wondered if you would like to include this article above:

  2. Oh thank you so much Barbara. Excellent article.


  3. Thanks for sharing these links. I'm looking forward to being inspired by some interesting reading:)

    I hope you feel better, soon, Chareen. We've got the flu here, too, so we're taking it easy with home crafts and DVDs, until we're feeling more energetic.

  4. Thank you Vicky I hope so too. Dvd's have been the order of the day here to as well as HUGE doses of Heidi read aloud.

  5. Wow Chareen, you were busy!! Some times I don't get around to my blog reading list for a week or so. Then I'll spend some time catching up. But after playing catch up I"m too exhausted to then write about what I've read... so I opt for the cheat's way out and Facebook the links ;)

    Thanks for sharing - lots of good reading in there. Which is good because tomorrow is the weekend :)

  6. Hi Susan.

    It did take a while but the writing was so good I didn't want to loose the links so I opted for adding them to one page so when I need encouragement I can find them again.
    I hope you will be blessed as much as I was

  7. Chareen
    what a surprise and a huge honour to find myself there!
    just thinking you may like these posts where I have gathered heaps of inspiring links (this is my learning blog, I dont think I've shared with you before.

  8. Hello Erin.

    Wow. Didn't know you had another blog. Will hop on over and poke around later this week. Thank you for sharing.


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