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2012 Goals and Plans

I was over at Amy's place Little Adventures where she shared her goals for 2012 and was inspired to make some of my own. (Thank you Amy)

These are the Amy's words that inspired me to make goals for the new year:
Have you ever set out "resolutions" for the New Year only to find that within the first month of the New Year you are not doing those set resolutions AT ALL and then you feel guilt and shame?

THROW AWAY THE WORD resolution. It gives this finality of things that makes it very difficult when life gets busy (and we all know life gets busy all the time).

This year, I am going to make goals. Goals are things to strive for... and work your way up to... I want to lay out a plan ... things I really want to work for each week, month, project for the year, etc...

Goals for 2012 Lord Willing (James 4: 13-15)

1. Spiritual:

As the year draws to a close I have been thinking about my spiritual walk (actually the lack of) and thinking back and remembering the times in my life that I have walked closer to my Heavenly Father.

One time in particular stands out in my mind is the time that I spent reading my bible from Cover to Cover chronologically. It was a year of healing and spiritual growth that had me excited about getting out of bed and reading my bible.

Lately I have felt I need to repeat that journey with my Heavenly Father and have decided to blog my journey in 2012 working my way through the Word of the Lord, loving learning and being healed.

I would love your company, your insights and more importantly your conversations so please join me in 2012 over at:

  • I have been feeling challenged to Be True to Myself. I want 2012 to be the year that I find my true self.
  • Work on 52 books in 52 weeks Challenge
  • Take every thought captive into the obedience of Christ.  I really struggle with negative self talk.  I have been challenged to think about what I am thinking.  To help me I will be reading Battle Field of the Mind.
  • Meditating on scripture.
  • Putting on the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness.  I love to sing and somewhere along the way I have lost my melody.... My aim is to play worship music on a daily basis.
3. Body:
  • Becoming fit and healthy so that I am able to play and keep up with Sir N and enjoy my holiday to South Africa in April.  I want to enjoy my climb up the mountain at Trackers. My husband would like to take the family on a hike up here.
  • I want to get back into Weight Watchers at home.  My weight as of today will be my new starting point and I will move forward from here.  I aim to divide my weight loss goal by 10 and use that amount as my mini goals.  I will have 10 mini goals then.
  • I would like to aim to do 10 000 steps a day.
  • My aim is to detox from Caffeine (I ♥ tea ...  but alas I feel I need to go on a tea fast for a while.) I read a great post titled Why I ended my love affair with Coffee. I encourage you to have a read and follow the links that Jo provides it makes for interesting reading.
  • To be up early and go for an hour walk at least 5 mornings a week.
  • Drinking 8 glasses of water a day. 
  • Regularly take my supplements.
  • Eat nutritious meals and make treats just that treats and not daily staples.
4. Relationships:
  • Going for a walk once a week with Paul on my own.  We have done this a couple of times of late and it's been a fantastic way of reconnecting without social media, television and daily living distractions.
  • Phoning rather than sms'ing to be in touch with friends and family.
  • Taking time to play with Sir N. Taking out those games that are sitting idle in the games cupboard.
  • Taking the tag-along out and going cycling with Sir N a few times a week.   Teaching Sir N to ride his bicycle.
  • Finding ways to connect with my teens.
  • Meeting fortnightly with Homeschool Mums for encouragement and accountability.
  • Making cards for birthdays and posting them on time ....
5. Home School:
  • I would like to work my way through A Charlotte Mason Companion. I was thinking of setting aside time once a month to talk about a chapter or two from this book. Anyone want to read this with me over the next year ??
  • Spend some time on each Saturday reviewing my Sonlight Instructors Guide and getting in mind what is ahead for us each week.
  • Choose which Note booking pages we will do for the new week ahead.
  • Have a look at what we will be doing in our Art study for the week.
  • Doing a weekly Nature Study
  • Having a look at our Time Line book once a week on a Friday.
  • Continuing our journey through Expedition Earth
  • Once we have the basics in place I would like to add in Hymn Study.
  • Swimming lessons. 
Looking at this list it looks fairly busy but we will not being doing these things daily but on different days of the week.  I will spread the work over the whole week.
6. At Home:
  • To move from C.H.A.O.S. to being organized.
  • To gradually work through each room at home and de-clutter and pass on what we don't need or use to someone who is in need of our excess.
  • Plan healthy and nutritious meals.
  • Find new tasty meals for my family.
  • To actively work on reducing our debt.
  • Spend an hour three times a week working in our garden.
  • Do a load of washing each evening.
  • Shine my sink every night.

7. Digital
  • Blog three evenings a week.
  • Learn to create websites using Microsoft Expression Web.
  • Back up ALL (7 years worth ..) of digital photo's. Sort and burn to disk.
  • Create photo albums with above photo's
  • Learn to understand Domain Trading and setting up auto income generation.
8. Creative
  • Work on my scrapbooks one evening a week
  • Finish Paul's three Albums.
  • Make cards on a fortnightly basis.
  • Work on cross stitch while watching dvd's with Paul or out visiting a friend. 

I have found writing up these goals rather challenging as it has been a few years since I have made any goals.  I have been living from moment to moment and day by day without a vision or a hope.  No more.  As the old adage goes:  If you aim at nothing you will surely hit it. 

This has been a really positive experience and I would recommend it to anyone. Pop on over and be inspired by Amy at Little Adventures to make and set goals for 2012.

" You are never too old to set another goal or to dream another dream " ~CS Lewis



  1. Great goals I will be following your blog and making sure you hit your goals ( grin) I will be sting monthly updates on my goals as well to keep me on target.

  2. Hello Mama Bird. (my new accountability partner)

    Thank you for the encouragement. Today it will be over 40'C so not sure just how much I will accomplish .....

    Love your 5 goals ! Like how you have broken them down ...

    Blessings for the new year to you and your family

  3. Hello, Chareen! I absolutely loved A Charlotte Mason Companion! There are not many books that I can declare - I want it to be bedtime so I can curl up with the book! Karen Andreola's book brought me that much excitement. While I don't use a single strict curriculum, I loved many of the ideas mentioned in her book and have adopted several. Last October I read the Bible in 90 days - first time for me. Now I want to take it slowly, so I started a chronological Bible. It will be for the entire year - I'll be sure to check back at your site and compare notes ;) And I too am working on organizing, decluttering and a transition into a healthier lifestyle. I love Amy at Little Adventures. Both of you gave me a lot to think about! Blessings to you.

  4. Thanks, I did check out the artist unit you suggested it looks great. Our library carries all the books from Vol 1 and 2 so a great start on our famous artists with your suggestions I may be able to knock out 24 artists next year instead of 12!

  5. Hello Carrie

    Welcome :) I agree I love ♥ Karen's book. It is the first book I recommend to any new homeschooler. Her gentle touch and can do is amazing. I am so looking forward to reading this again. I wish it was available on the Kindle

    I hope you do come on over to One Year through the Word and share your insights and understanding with us.

    Blessings to you

    Hello Mama

    You are very very welcome. We are really enjoying this series of books and a lot of my homeschool friends are too :)

  6. Great post. I've been thinking a lot about my goals for the year as well, however, I still like the idea of a 'word' for the year as well. I find the 'word' for the year can really help keep me on track. Still figuring it all out, though - but the school plans are all finished, so that's a good start! God bless,

  7. Wow Chareen, all your goals make me feel tired just by reading them. lol

    I gave up on goals or resolutions a few years ago but found that I developed a phrase. I didn't realise I had a phrase until partway through the year. But this year I have developed my own phrase because it's something I want to focus on.

  8. Hi Linda.

    This year is the first I have read / heard about a word for the year I am begining to think my word needs to be COMMITMENT.

    Hi Susan.
    Your phrase for the year is encouraging and inspiring. I needed a comprehensive list so I could move forward instead of tread water. I feel frustrated with being stagnant. I get tired reading my list too but I am determined to make little changes that by the end of the year will bring about great change :)

    Blessings to you both for this new year.


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