Tuesday 10 January 2012

Tueaday's Treasure {Look-Alikes}

 Welcome to Tuesdays Treasures.  I started these posts as a way of sharing great books in honour of my friend in New Zealand who would arrive with the treasures she had unearthed at her weekly trip to the library!

There are so many wonderful books out there hiding on shelves so I invite you to blog about a book on your shelf, one you're reading or one you found at the library. 

This week ...
I am thrilled beyond measure to have rediscovered this book.  I have spent the last six years searching for it by sight because I could not remember it's title or author !  Most people have heard of or seen Walter Wick's Can You See What I See ? and I Spy books.  Well these are an eye spy with a twist !

Can you see the four recorders ? Onions ? Brussel Sprouts ? 5 shoes ?

 From the back of the book: Using every day objects in ingenious ways, artist Joan Steiner has created three dimensional scenes of more than 40 famous landmarks and familiar vacation locales. .... There are more than 500 look-alikes to search for.

  • Format: Hardback
  •  Number of Pages: 34
  •  Publisher: Little, Brown and Company
  •  Publication Date: 2007
  •  ISBN: 0-316-81172-6
    ISBN-13: 978-0-316-81172-9
  • Author: Joan Steiner

This is the first Look-Alikes book we borrowed from our library.

Here is another picture to whet your appetite for these books I found on the web:
The General Store
What types of books do you look at for fun ?

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