Friday 30 March 2012

Two hours at the Museum

We joined some fellow home schoolers for the Bugs Bugs Bugs talk.  It was a great time of hands on activity and we also had a 30 min window of being in the bugs gallery on our own as a group.

I had forgotten just how much there is to see and do at the Melbourne Museum. I think that when we return from South Africa I will definitely take the time to get a museum membership so Sir N and I can spend an afternoon once a month at the museum exploring !

Bugs Olympics

  1. Worlds fastest flying insect: Desert Locust [Africa]
  2. World's largest moth wing-span - White Witch Moth [South America]
  3. World's most poisonous butterfly - Antimachus Swallowtail [Uganda]
  4. World's largest moth - Atlas Moth [Indonesia]
  5. World's longest beetle - Hercules Beetle [Central & South America]
  6. World's largest beetle - Goliath Beetle [Africa]
  7. World's slowest wing-beat butterfuly - Holarctic Swallowtail [China]
  8. World's loudest insect - Double Drummer [Australia]
  9. World's best defensive strategy - Australia Bombardier Beetle [Australia]
  10. World's most poisonous butterfly - Antimachus Swallowtail [Uganda]
  11. World's largest butterfly - Queen Alexandra Birdwing [New Guinea]
  12. World's fastest butterfly - Payen's Swallowtail [Indonesia]
  13. World's heaviest insect - Little Barrier Island Weta [New Zealand]
  14. Badge Huntsman Adult body length 18 mm

Dinosaur Walk

We enjoyed the big and the small of this exhibit.

Marine Life Exploring our Seas.

We enjoyed exploring our marine life.

Playing in the autumn leaves outside.

It was a wonderful day of exploring

Where have you been exploring ?

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