Wednesday 6 June 2012

Week 4 & 5 - Photography Challenge Showcase

Today is the last of the Photography Challenge that Erin has hosted over the month of May.

22 Sibling Love

"My Sister!"

23 Friendship 

This is my friend from high school.  She made a special trip to visit me.

24 A photo of Smiles

Happy Birthday Mike. Ginger Pride a  21st b/day bash ... loved his smile.

25 A photo that touches your heart

Father and Son driving up to the house on the farm.

26 A photo that makes me laugh

This photo makes me laugh because
Paul pulled this face as I took the photo and surprised me. 
This is is his New Zealand pose !

27 A photo of the Bush

Evening stroll enjoying the African bush.

28 A photo of candle light

29 A photo of hands

Sir N appreciating one of Nan's roses.

Enjoying fresh stream water after a walk to the waterfall..

Paul serenading me ...

30 A photo of play

Cousins quietly playing as the adults chat in the Kruger National Park

31 A photo of Love

1 Corinthians 13:4 - 6

Dave & Julienne celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary.

Thank you Erin this challenge has helped me look for new photography opportunities and challenged me daily ! 

Don't forget to check out Erin's post and see the photographs that others have taken .

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  1. A great way to gather memories. :o)

    I am considering joining a photo challenge. Thank you for encouraging me. :o)

    1. It has been and I am really greatful I took on this challenge because of it.

      Which challenge are you looking at ?

  2. Love all the photos Chareen can't wait to see more from your amazing trip!!

    1. Thanks Bec :)

      I am looking forward to doing more posts show casing our adventure. I was a little shocked to realise the other day that between Paul and I we took 10 400+ photographs ! It certainly made me appreciate the digital era :)

  3. Your photos are full of love and happiness, Chareen! I imagine they will bring back warm memories when you revisit them. They're all so lovely but the hands seem extra beautiful and the photos of love are very special, too. Can't decide which I like best!

    God bless:-)

    1. Doing this post last night did certainly bring back many memories :)

      I am with you on the hands. I just couldn't decide which one to use so put them all in


  4. Aww lov them all, a real great wrap up to your African tour:) Thanks for joining in:)

  5. That is a fantastic photo of Paul and his NZ pose! :)

    Love the candlelight, too.

    Great photos - I must get myself organised to join a challenge as well.


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