Saturday 30 March 2013

Astronomy and Space Unit Study {Review}

With our chronological approach to history this year we started with Creation and from here we progressed to space and the planets. Sir N is enjoying exploring the outer reaches of the universe.  We were delighted when A Journey Through Learning offered us the opportunity to use their Astronomy and Space Unit Study as our spine to guide us through our learning.

We downloaded the Unit Study There are sample pages for you to look at). The pack contained everything we needed. If we did not have a library or books close by we could have studied this topic independently with the information provided.  If you do a page a day the Unit should take approximately one month to complete.

We are digging deeper into each topic and it's taking us longer but we are enjoying the read aloud pages which have launched us into digging much deeper into each area. We are watching plenty of YouTube clips, reading books from the local library and filling in the Notebook Pages provided. Sir N's understanding is growing as we look up the new vocabulary introduced with each lesson.These words are underlined and introduced in context.

After downloading the unit I started printing off the notebook pages. The notebook pages are directly after each subject information is read. On one hand this part of the unit is good as you know which pages are to be filled in after reading the information pages. On the other hand if you want to only print the notebook pages it becomes a tedious effort as you can't just print pages 1-25. You need to print two pages then find the next note page and look for the number then print the next one. If I could change one part of the unit it would be this. For ease of Notebook page printing I would place all the notebook pages together as an appendix and have a line saying: Notebook pages X-Y at the point of the page so that I would know now it's time to fill in that particular notebook page.
I copied the PDF document to my Galaxy Tab and we would read the notes here together. I discovered that when looking for answers for the notebook pages we could underline the answers and enlarge the print on here for Sir N to use in filling in his notes.
I have a three ring binder in which the notes are added. I use a three ring binder as I find that two ring binders the pages tear out of easily.
We have also borrowed a stack of books from the library to read and supplement our reading from here and have made use of LEGO to be creative. We are just about to start exploring each of the planets in the study.
We have enjoyed our Journey Through Learning about Astronomy and Space and look forward to exploring The Earth Lapbook in the future.

  • 70 page Unit.
  • Information page (to read to the child)
  • Correlating activity pages (These are provided straight after the information read. Some of these were practical hands on activities others were notebook style pages to fill in or draw on.)
  • Vocabulary builder pages. As you read through the text you will notice words which are underlined. Once your child has heard the word in context it is time to look up the definition in your dictionary and fill in the vocabulary note page.
  • The Unit Study came with a comprehensive how to page with ideas for study choices.
  • Tips to go the extra mile
  • A comprehensive Table of Contents
  • Plenty of colour graphics. (photographs and clip art)
  • A good balance of writing and drawing on each notebook page.
  • Bibliography
  • Five Enrichment Pages
    Books I have Read
    Planet Book Report
    Narration form Young Children
    Narration from Older Children
    Organization Page
  • Suggested Additional Reading Material
  • A full index of other Products available from A Journey Through Learning.

  • Instant Download $13.00
  • CD $14.00
  • Printed Version $21.00
** All prices quoted are correct at time of posting. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to check the cost before purchasing. Prices are subject to change without notice. All prices are in US $.

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As you can see they have a fairly comprehensive range which is constantly growing. Pop on over to explore what they have to offer.

What unit studies have you done lately ?



  1. We enjoyed our lapbooks too. Stopping by from the Crew. Have a fantastic Easter!!

  2. Enjoyed your review :) We loved the Astronomy unit as well!

  3. Thank you for your review!


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