Friday, 16 August 2013

Start preparing for the new crew applications ...

 This year I've had the pleasure of participating in my first cruise with The Schoolhouse Review Crew.  I have been having an amazing time and have learnt so much. 

Applications for the 2014 crew will be opening in October this year. For those of you who are interested in possibly applying to be on the crew I thought I would share some information with you.

Application Criteria
  1. An active blog with a minimum of 50 public** followers and actively use one social media*** platform. 
  2. Must blog at least once a week. 
  3. Home school all or some of your children. 
  4. Be willing to actively use products with their children for a period of six weeks; review your experiences, and post your review to your blog within the due date window. 
  5. Reviewers must be willing to use our private forum, check in each day, Monday through Friday, and respond to all age-appropriate vendors. 
  6. Take their responsibility to their readers and to the vendors seriously. 

** Public {Numbers can be seen when looking at your blog home page}
** Follower numbers can be on: Google+, Google Friend Connect, Bloglovin'Linky Followers, Networked Blogs,Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram

*** Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram
Benefits of being on the Crew
  1. Meet 250 homeschool bloggers
  2. Access to a private forum
  3. Try out curriculum for FREE (I've had over $1 000 of curriculum in eight months!)
  4. A Social Media Share opportunity
  5. Fortnightly Blog Cruise opportunities
  6. Spotlight on the Crew guest posting
  7. 5 Days of ... Blog Hop  opportunities
  8. A personal mentor to help you
  9. Leadership who support encourage and are available.
If you have any questions please ask


  1. There SHOULD be a disclosure for international bloggers/reviewers.

    Most physical products will NOT be available to international reviewers. They should be prepared to mostly use PDF's and online programs.

    It is a great team to be on though. :o)

  2. Hi Chareen

    Just wondering, how much "work" does it take to be a reviewer? I know that may be hard to quantify, but other that the review, is there other work involved?

    Also does the curriculum disturb your routine much or is it minimal? I Homeschool 3-4 chn at the moment, would it be harder to implement with this amount of children, I have no little ones now so I imagine it would be a bit easier?

    I am in two minds about applying again? I am short on followers too, but I could do a campaign to address that, not sure if I want the extra work load though?

    Any hints? Cathyxxx

    1. Hi Cathy

      The work load is totally created by you :) You choose. There is a check list of what is expected to be covered in a review.

      Each product is different. Some require a lot of hands on some require non.

      Crew policy is if your child's age qualifies you for a product you must fill in an application BUT you rate your interest from high to not at all. I've never been selected for a review where I have said please do not pick me.

      No disturbance to my routine. I simply check the forum for two min a day to make sure I haven't missed anything important.

      It is much easier without little ones. Once again some products would cover all four of your children and some would only cover one child. You pick the ones that would work for your family.


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