Thursday, 27 February 2014

Creating Line Designs {Virtual Fridge}

This Week
I dug out some photocopied projects that were hiding on the shelf and I'm so pleased that I have.  These are a few of the completed ones we accomplished this week.  I wanted to work on coloring skills, critical thinking and following instructions.  Sir N is putting them up on his wall as he completes them.

These projects are from Creating Line Designs - Book 3 (48 pages) by Randy Womack. This book is designed to develop your child's right brain which controls visual perception and memory. It is reproducible and recommended for Grades 3-5

There are four books in the series
These books are available through Amazon and Rainbow Resources.

Featured This Week
We had some great art shared last week. Thank you to all who shared their artistic adventures with us.

Over at Campfires and Cleats you can find a DIY Paper Lantern: Light up a Winter Night With a Doctor Who "Torch!"

Kathy from over at Kathy's Cluttered Mind shares a Rainbow Craft tutorial

Your Turn

I invite you to take some photo's of your children's artistic pursuits put them in a post and link up with me I would love to come over and see the wonderful art your children have enjoyed doing.

Virtual Fridge Link Up


The Virtual Fridge a weekly art meme where we can hang our children's art on a virtual fridge. This meme was started by Jennifer over at A Glimpse of our Life who kindly invited three other bloggers to co-host this weekly meme.

Your hosts are


  1. I like all the lines and the different looks that were created!

  2. The line art looks neat! I wouldn't have thought about teaching critical thinking with art - how does that work?


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