Monday 5 January 2015

Language Arts for 2015

In preparation for the new year and this weeks Virtual Curriculum Fair topic of Language Arts in your homeschool, I have been looking over some of my older posts on the topic.  It's been good to refresh my thinking on the topic of Language Arts.  In 2015 my mini goal is to continue in a Charlotte Mason approach with some Delight Directed education and Sonlight.

Over the last year I have come to realize that Sir N is in need of some coaching in the area of Language Arts.  In the year ahead I would like to continue working on strengthening his writing skills through copy work and hand writing practice.   

What is the definition of Language Arts? It is the study of grammar, composition, spelling and (sometimes) public speaking.

In 2015
We will be continuing with WriteShop Primary this year.  This program is an excellent way to introduce composition to reluctant writers and primary school aged students. I like doing the projects with him because they are not simply busy seat work they specifically designed to be a creative way to help him remember the new things he is learning each time we do WriteShop. It's ultimate purpose is for Sir N to learn that Writing = Fun!

Last year I began using Logic of English with Sir N and was really impressed with his progress.  This year we will continue our lessons with the goal of completing the program.

This is not synonymous with spelling. We will continue to work though Spelling Workout starting with book B this year. I am also compiling a list of classical books we will be using as read alouds throughout the year ahead.

I haven't yet settled on a grammar program.  I have two books I'm considering.  The first being English for The Thoughtful Child by Mary Hyde OR Karen Andreola's Simply Grammar: An Illustrated Primer.

This is something I want to focus more on this year with Sir N.  There are so many incredible benefits to the student in developing this skill.
  • Narration Adheres Vocabulary to the Mind - CMC Page 167
  • Narration strengthens and challenges all the powers of mind. Attending, remembering, visualizing, comprehending, synthesizing (seeing the whole from the parts), and articulating. - CMC Page 115
  • Helps the student to organize their thoughts with ease
  • Narration helps a child to train his/her mind to "sort, arrange, correlate, select, reject and classify" information CMC Page 114
  • Narration develops the power of self expression and forces the child to use his own mind and form his own judgement. CMC Page 115

On this blog
We enjoy great literature and are trying to follow a Charlotte Mason approach with reading twaddle free literature.  I share a new book each week on a Tuesday called Tuesday's Treasures.  Be sure to come back each Tuesday for a new book.

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  1. I absolutely love Write Shop. I have been hearing a lot about Logic of English. I still have some more research to do with it to see if I will purchase this in February. I am still looking for a Grammar program for my daughter yet. Going to pin this :)

    1. We love WriteShop too :) It's been a good fit for us.

      Initially LOE was a lot of reading in preparation but it's well worth understanding the program and being well equipped.

  2. We too are Charlotte Mason inspired, but love to follow a delight-directed path. I've heard a lot about Write Shop--I might have to try it out soon. Great post Chareen, thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you Brittney. Love sharing the great things that are out there for Homeschoolers :)

  3. You have a nice selection here. I had started Simply Grammar with my then 7/8 year old, but we ended up not finishing it. I think it is a great program, but not a good fit for some kids.

    1. That's one of the things I love most about home education is that we can change up what we are doing when it doesn't work for our children.

  4. I'm interested in seeing your list of classical book recommendations. Thanks for cohosting this linky!

    1. Once I've settled on the books I would like to read this year I shall post a round up post. Great idea thank you Jennifer

  5. Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm for WriteShop. Even though you initially used it for the purpose of writing a review, I love that Primary B has found a happy place in your everyday homeschooling.

    1. You're welcome Kim. Thank you for providing the opportunity to review and use this wonderful product last year. I had never heard of it before. We are loving our journey with it it's been a good fit for our family.

  6. We have had a lot of success with CM approach in our homeschool when it comes to copywork, dictation, and narration---these are powerful tools that can have a big impact, so I think you'll see some fruit there.

    The Write Shop Primary Series is quite well done (I had the opportunity to help with the beta testing on one of the levels---a lot of thought and creativity went into that program and Kim was very open and responsive to feedback from the families).

    Thank you for helping me co-host the VCF this week!

  7. Hi Chareen, came via Homeschooling Hearts & Minds which I found via Carnival of Homeschooling. I'm from your side of the world.

  8. Write Shop and Logic of English are both Crew reviews that we also loved!

  9. We've used LOE in the past and I was also very impressed with it. We're not using it currently, but I can't bring myself to let it go. It was so thorough and made so much sense.


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