Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Reflections - More Beautiful Bible Verses for Colouring {Review}

One of the most popular trends to happen in the last six months has been the adult colouring craze.  I used to enjoy colouring as a child and wondered if I'd enjoy this new craze ? I began looking for a resource and was overwhelmed by what was available.  So my quest continued until I saw a friends beautifully illustrated scripture page she had just completed.  After a little more research I discovered the artist behind the beautiful illustration was Lorien Atwood. I found her website and emailed Lorien to find out more about her latest publication titled Reflections. She blessed me with a copy of Reflections - More Beautiful Bible Verses for Colouring.

About the Book

  • Title: Reflections - More Beautiful Bible Verses for Colouring
  • ISBN: 9780994497536
  • Cover: Card stock
  • Pages: Each picture is printed on heavy duty paper to prevent bleed through.  The pages are also perforated to make it easier to remove from the book to gift to someone.
  • Illustrations: There are 18 illustrations/scripture meditation pages
  • Group Licensing is available over at Firewheel Press.

  • Page 1 starts with a welcome note from Lorien and an encouragement on how to proceed with the book.
  • Page 2 - Four tips on how to get more from meditating on God's word and how not to sink into mindless colouring but rather focusing on God.
  • Page 3 - 18 different scriptures. Each one has been uniquely illustrated.
  • Last page - A beautiful easy step by step tutorial on how to design and make your own scriptural colouring pages
  • Back page - Each of Lorien's books come with a link to a FREE copy of the illustrations to download and print.  This is so that you can print more pages to colour and gift to someone.

Purchasing Information
Lorien has designed postcards, books marks and published two colouring books for purchase.
Connect with Lorien on Social Media
  • Follow Lorien on Facebook: Lorien Illustrations
  • To see more of Lorien's beautiful illustrations visit her blog.
  •  Lorien has some FREE pages for you to download and print in the File section of her group page.  Be sure to see who the author of each picture is as Lorien encourages us to draw our own pictures and share them with the group.
  • For colouring inspiration take a look at the Photo's of completed works on Facebook.
  • Join the Colouring In Truth group on Facebook.
  • Follow Lorien on Instagram @lorien_illustrations
  • Share your completed works using the hashtags:#colouringintruth and #lorienillustrations, plus #meditations or #reflections depending on the book you are colouring from.
Reflections - More Beautiful Bible Verses for Colouring is a beautiful book. I am impressed with the quality of the paper and I've really enjoyed colouring each design.  Lorien has thoughtfully designed each picture to reflect the truth of each scripture.  I love that each page is a unique design and reflects the truth of each scripture illustrated.
"I have loved using art to reflect on Gods word for ages, and I really like how scripture colouring pages take all the anxiety out of producing something ‘beautiful’ from scratch – that terrifying blank page moment and frees up people’s brain space to actually meditate on the scripture. As people occupy their hands and engage their senses with the colours and the repetitive movement of colouring, they can find a small stillness that is quite hard to come by in everyday life. In this quiet space, they can listen more intently to God and hear what he has to say to them through the words of the Bible... " - Lorien Atwood Read more about the back story of how the books were birthed.
If you are looking for a beautiful scriptural colouring experience I highly recommend the books and cards from Lorien Illustrations.


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