Monday, 11 July 2016

The Emerald Workshop makes it's debut

One of the hardest parts of parenting these days is balancing technology vs no technology in a technology drenched world especially when you have a child who's passion is recording and editing movies. (IF you have the perfect answer to this I'd love to hear your thoughts on it)    Nathaniel recently received a book for his birthday on Making YouTube Videos by Nick Willoughby.

I said he's welcome to find out how to record and edit his own video's as long as I do not have to spend any money on software.  I have been incredibly surprised at the tenacity and determination he has demonstrated in order to reach his goal.  Timothy is supervising his channel and together they created The Emerald Workshop channel on YouTube this morning.

Nathaniel's passion is video making/editing and this week he's been exploring how to make his first review you can see it on YouTube -GLSL Shaders mod review

Thank you for taking the time to share in our excitement of this new learning adventure.


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