Sunday 1 July 2012

Curricula for 2012/13

Sonlight Core A

We will be using the 5 day Sonlight Core A with Grade K readers over the next year exploring and introducing Sir N to new cultures etc.

Sonlight Language Arts for K readers

Sonlight Science A - 5 Day

Expedition Earth

I will also be using Expedition Earth: A Journey through God's World. We are not using this weekly but rather as an extra when we want to learn about a country.


I want to make a time line note book using these time line figures I purchased from Home School in the Woods. My goal is to have this time line book for the complete duration of Sir N's schooling. I will be posting about how I made his book and what we did together with it. I will be following Amy Pack's detailed instructions to make a portable timeline using a sketch book.


We are currently working through Singapore Math Kindy .  I am looking at switching to Abeka Arithmatic 1 when we are done, with an aim of going to Teaching Text Books when Sir N is around 9.

Developing the Early Learner


This year Nathaniel will be listening to Hide em in Your Heart Vol 1 & 2 by Steve Green as well as The Classical Kids Collection Vol 1 & 2.  To read more about these and listen to some samples click on the picture of below.


Worlds Greatest Artists

  The World's Greatest Artists Vol 1 (and the best part is it's FREE). I have been watching her children's adventures and thought that Sir N might enjoy doing some of those things. I downloaded the FREE instructors guide which contains: Lesson plans for each, week Lap Book printables, Artist Notebooking page, Art Puzzles and Artist Flashcards.

The source books are from the series: Getting to Know the worlds Greatest Artists by Mike Venezia. Six of the eight books arrived in the mail today and I spent a while looking through them and I confess I am impressed.  One or two of the pictures I don't want to show Sir N but I will simply cover them with a sheet of paper, however the information about the artist and their style is excellent.  What I know about the art community and art appreciation is minimal so I will be learning alongside Sir N on this journey.

The eight artist you will meet in the series are:

That's a summary of what we will be doing over the next 12 - 18 months.  I will update if things change. We will also be using note booking pages as well.

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