Wednesday 5 March 2014

Motivated Moms {Review}

As much as I dream of having a perfect home the reality is that we have been living in C.H.A.O.S (Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome) for a while now ... Generally speaking I love being organized, clean and having a place for everything.  Over the past few years as the stresses of immigration, raising a young family, walking a challenging road with teens working their way through issues I have found that more and more I don't have the stamina, mental or emotional energy reserves that it takes to keep our home in order.  Recently I was blessed with a review copy of Motivated Moms.  What a wonderful resource this has become.  I'm a book lady so was really pleased with my Motivated Mom's printable eBook.

What We Did
The hardest part was choosing which eBook I wanted.  I was rather spoiled for choice with 8 options available either in colour or black and white.  Each option has a sample page for you to see.

Some of the options are
  • Colour or black & white in each version
  • Half or full size
  • Page per day with bible readings
  • Page per day with chore planner
I settled on the full A4 size 2014 Motivated Moms Chore Planner with Scheduled Bible Reading {Color}. I took my PDF copy down to Officeworks and had it printed and spiral bound. The planner I choose is a total of 55 pages including the cover page.

Each page is a week in a view.  The left hand column contains daily chores such as make beds, feed pets etc.  If you have children who can read it is an excellent list to help them too to remember what needs to be done and to create excellent daily habits.  Beneath each chore is seven check boxes in order to mark off as you go.  There are four blank lines for you to add in your own choice of daily chores.

Right at the bottom of this left hand column is a weekly Bible reading schedule.  I had good intentions of using this this year but have recently commenced an in depth bible study so I am aiming to take this up later in the year.  I love this feature as it means that all my daily tasks including my bible reading is in one place.  This is an optional add in. 

To the right of this column is your week at a glance special chores.  This contains between two and six tasks a day to complete.  I can say one thing for our home it now has clean light switches, dusted hall way skirting, each shelf in the fridge has a dedicated week it gets cleaned, my pile of to file away is slowly diminishing and even the porch area is beginning to receive some much needed tender loving care.  I like how some of the chores are scheduled on a rotational basis so I know if I miss cleaning that spot this week in a few weeks time it will come around again and I will be able to get it done. 
"Make Every Day Count - Motivated Moms"

I love their mantra of making every day count.  I am seeing how true this is.  If I accomplish just one thing on the list today I have made it count and it has not gone to waste.  Some days we barely get the basics done and on other days we choose maybe two of the six suggested activities.  Motivated Moms is being true to it's name and is motivating me daily to clean small manageable areas in our home.  The fruit of this is becoming more evident.  It is helping me not to feel so overwhelmed with the task before me and I am enjoying having a little more time to do the important things like reading for fun because I am not spending mental energy on trying to figure out what's next to do, it's all been done for me.  It's making a calmer Mom and a happier home.

Each week there is a dedicated de-clutter assignment which I love.  I am a little bit of a hoarder and having this as an assignment is helping me to de-clutter as I go and this in turn is helping to make things more manageable for me and Sir N at the same time.

My favourite part of Motivated Moms is Monday's weekly scheduled Pamper Yourself task.

If you are not a book person and would prefer an app be sure to check out the key features available in the Motivated Moms apps.  Things such as being able to send daily chores by email for printing, assigning tasks to people and the ability to add in an unlimited number of custom tasks.

The last page of the planner contains a two week reproducible menu planner.

My planner lives in the kitchen / dinning area for quick reference. Sir N has recently started reading independently so I have decided to use colour high lighters as a way of assigning tasks to me, to Sir N and some for us to do together.  I will be leaving blank the tasks that are not applicable to our home such as cleaning the stair case or second floor living area.  We use this during our daily half hour cleaning session.

  • eBooks (16 formats to choose from) $8 each for one complete year.
  • iPhone/iPad/iPod is $1.99 for two months OR a year for $7.99
  • Android from Google Play $5.99
Connect with  Motivated Moms
What I Thought
This is a well presented book with multiple formats to choose from.  It is excellent value for money. Motivated Moms will save you time and mental energy as the planning has all been done for you.

Say goodbye to once a year spring cleaning and hello to day by day clean as you go.  Motivated Moms helps you reclaim your home and has done ALL the planing for you.  This product is Mom's best friend. 


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