Saturday, 31 December 2016

Laser Light Show Melbourne Town Hall

Creating family memories is something that is becoming more and more important to me. Over the years we have immigrated twice and have had to say good bye too many times ... Growing up in a Military Family meant that we moved often and said good bye often too but in all honesty I don't remember it being a big deal because my parents always made the holiday's a super special time of the year.  A few years ago the town of Melbourne put on a laser show on the town hall which we attended.  It was wonderful.  These have now been shown a few years in a row and this year was a beautiful show.  We went to town with our home school friends and Paul did a live stream of the projections.  The best part was that my daughter in Sidmouth UK happened to be online and watched the projections live with us!  Such an amazing special moment. 

I blew the dust off my SLR and took a photo story of the lights this year.  I loved how they made a story of Christmas in Melbourne from shopping for the gifts, unwrapping and celebrating.  I couldn't make up my mind to which photo's to share so I will share them all.

Merry Christmas from the city of Melbourne.

The countdown begins ...

Melbourne gets dressed for Christmas

The shops are ready for Christmas and open for trade

People come to town to shop

Flinders Station welcomes people to Melbourne

What's Christmas without lollies?

Gingerbread Village arrives in Melbourne

Gingerbread Village is here

The Nutcracker looks on

Night Falls and all is still ...

Santa gets busy wrapping Christmas

All is quiet and the elves are out to play in Melbourne.

Christmas arrives in the Town Square

The Christmas Tree is up and Santa is here in the Square

Christmas in the Square

Christmas in the Square

Christmas is on the bridge and at the Art Center

Gifts appear beneath all the trees.

Santa and the Nutcracker celebrate

Celebrating the season

I'm looking forward to going into Melbourne to see Christmas next year and hope the laser show will be on again.  It's so beautiful to watch with lovely music.


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