Tuesday 19 January 2021

The Good Master by Kate Seredy (3/52 Books in 52 Weeks)

 One of the reasons I enjoy home educating using Sonlight is their selection of twaddle free books.  This year Nathaniel has 12 weeks left of World History Year 2 of 2. I had a lot of good intentions to read with Nathaniel during 2020 but alas life happened and I did not keep up.  I decided the best way to catch up was to add some of his books to my 52 Books in 52 Weeks challenge for 2021. This week I chose to read The Good Master by Kate Seredy.  

The Good Master

  • Format Paperback | 192 pages 
  • Dimensions 130 x 198 x 14mm | 162g 
  • Publisher Penguin Books Australia 
  • Language English Edition 
  • ISBN10 - 014030133X 
  • ISBN13 - 9780140301335 
  • Puffin Newberry Library

From Book Depositiory: "No child should miss out on the adventures of headstrong Kate, a girl from Budapest who spends summers with her cousin Jancsi on his father's ranch in Hungary. Horseback races across the plains, country fairs and festivals, a dangerous run-in with gypsies, and the chores and the joys -- and the colorful cultural trappings -- of daily life in pre-war Europe create a vivid, unforgettable world."

I was surprised by how much I really enjoyed this historical novel.  Headstrong Kate (Seredy herself) is not at all what Jancsi or his family expected. She is sent to live with her cousin Jancsi and Uncle Nagy on their family farm on the Hungarian plains. Uncle Nagy is known by all as "The Good Master" for his wise and gentle ways.  Kate is soon caught up in the daily life of the farm and soon opens the eyes of those around her to the wonders all around them that they take for granted. She soon calms down and develops a sounder set of values.

This books captures you with is vividly detailed scenes and beautiful illustrations by the author.   You will read about the history and stories of the people of Hungary through the people who touch their lives.

The sequel is The Singing Tree which takes Kate and the family through World War I, when Jancsi's father must join the army and he is left in charge of the ranch, which becomes a refuge for family, neightbors and war orphans.

 Author - Kate Seredy

  • 10 November 1899 to 7 March 1975
  • Born in Budapest Hungry
  • Immigrated to the USA 1922
  • Study at Academy of Art in Budapest for six years.
  • Earned a living illustrating lampshades, greeting cards and sheet music.
  • Illustrated for other authors including Caddie Woodlawn 
  • Illustrated her own books.
  • The Good Master is her first and most popular book.
  • She wrote several books which are still in print and available for purchase on Book Depository.

Do you have any historical novels you enjoy?

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