Thursday 15 April 2021

B is for Books Where do You Purchase Yours?

Welcome to week two of ABC Blogging.  My co-host Desiree is sharing B is for Brickheadz and I will be sharing ideas on how to source books for your Homeschool.

Books have been an intrigal part of my life for nearly three decades and I'm always on the look out for a good bargain.  Over the years I've gathered a few go to places to purchase books.


For New Books 

  • Book Depository - I like shopping here because the price you see is inclusive of postage.  This simplifies my book purchases.
  • Amazon - I tend to only buy Kindle books via here.
  • Sonlight - I'm a huge fan and love that they stock beautiful and twaddle free literature.

Second-hand Books

  • AbeBooks - I find this portal good for comparing the cost of second hand books
  • eBay - I have purchased books here on the odd occasion when it was the only place I could find it.
  • Facebook - I joined a specific Homeschool Book Sale page (In Australia look for Homeschool Buy, Sell, Swap - Australia


When Out and About

  • Garage Sales
  • Community Sales
  • Second Hand Book Shops
  • Library Sale Tables
  • Opportunity Shops

Books Suggestions 


I asked my My homeschooling friends purchase their books here ...

 Where do you buy YOUR homeschooling Books from ?

I would love to hear what YOU have used to teach art in your homeschool.


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  1. Unfortunately, I've had to stop buying books and use mainly the library now because I just don't have any more room, and I can't get rid of any. I do love finding specific books that are used through ebay. I love to shop new and used bookstores when I can. Sonlight books are great too. I've never used the Book Depository, so I'm excited to try that one out.

    1. I had the same trouble. Although I'm entering a different phase as my youngest is soon to graduate so I'm passing on the school books and freeing up space for more of my personal reading books.

  2. I have found Thriftbook online is a good place to shop. I have gotten good prices and found some of the harder to locate books there. I was able to get the literature books to go along with our history program this last year through Thriftbook and was very pleased.

    1. I've never used them. Thank you for the insight I think I will give them a go as I have a few books I'm looking for.

  3. oh, that was unexpected... I thought you'd be doing another art post and instead... it's books! Where do I get my books? Thrift stores, garage sales, homeschool sales and ... mostly.. amazon. :)

    1. Your comment made me smile today. I'm pleased you were surprised :D

    2. I'm the same as you I've bought my books from multiple places over the years.

  4. We have a used bookstore not too far from us. Part of what makes it cool to shop there is they sell a lot of local authors.

    1. That would be very insterresting. I recently received a signed copy of a book I purchased which thrilled me


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