Friday 24 June 2011

Ballet, Lego & Gardens

Today we caught the train and went into Melbourne central.  We started at the Art Centre where we went to see an edu ballet session titled The Baron and the Widow which was a 60 min narrated performance with exerpts from The Merry Widow ballet.
 It was so beautiful inside, red velvet and polished brass.  The curtains on the stage were a rich red with a gold picture frame.  The stage scenes were so beautifully rich.  Unfortunately no camera's allowed :(  The costumes of the ballet dancers were gorgeous. I wanted to know what do you call the male lead ballet dancer ?  A Danseur.

The Arts Centre - Melbourne Australia

After this Sir N and I joined another family and went to the gardens accross the road for a picnic lunch.

From here we walked accross the road and had a look at the glass wall with water flowing down it at the National Gallery of Victoria.

 We then walked to Federation Square and had a look around.

The Art of the Brick Exhibition

Built by Ryan McNaught approx 172 500 pieces.

By Aaron Amanetkis Approx 15 000 pieces
Won 1st place at Brickvention 2007 for the best in show.
We had a wonderful day out exploring the sights and sounds of Melbourne. 

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  1. It truly looks like you had a wonderful excursion. Melbourne has so much to offer and yet we don't always seem to notice the art of creations and time and effort of people's work! We all need to take more effort and get out there and explore the beauty of our land. Thank you for sharing your day's outing with your precious rose bud Mr N.


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