Friday, 10 June 2011

Feeling Challenged

I have a few things that I have been feeling rather challenged about lately. 

The first one being that while on camp two weeks ago we were challenged to spend daily time with our Heavenly Father for He cares for us. He is there to sustain us and has sent us a helper who can't help if we are not abiding in Him.  I find it so easy to make these mental choices, but acting upon them is not always as easy as I first think.  I have been pondering on how to make a flexible set time to spend with my Lord, Saviour and Friend. 

The more I ponder the issues surrounding quiet time with my Saviour the more I realize I need to make a commitment and stick to it.  I remember the teaching I received as a young person: your quiet time needs to be in secret. The very next memory is of another homeschool mother who shared at a meeting that her children didn't think she had personal devotions because they never saw her having personal devotions.  This has caused some conflict in me. 

The best time for me would be to rise before the family and the busyness of the day takes over but then my little rose Sir N would not see and know that this is a normal healthy and very important part of a christian's everyday walk with the Lord.

Yesterday I read two wonderful blog posts about this: the first can be found at Confessions of a Homeschooler: Not so quiet time for Mom and the second one is Granola Mom 4 God: What does your closet look like?

I came away really encouraged to set up a special place for me and my Saviour Jesus as well as to look through my wonderful bookshelf and find a bible that Mr N can look through at the same time by himself.   

I have decided I would like to work through The Ministry of Motherhood by Sally Clarkson

I have been having a read through the introduction, and sneaking a few peeks at some of the other chapters and already feel encouraged and challenged.  My goal is to start on Monday and let you know by Friday how it went.

I am not sure yet if I want to do the Good Morning Girls Book ClubPart of me would really really like to but part of me wonders if it will be just another thing to add to an already full day.  I think I might try and if it becomes a burden I will drop it.

Good Morning Girls Book Club: The Ministry of Motherhood

For those of you wanting to know more about the extended bible study you can go to: or else for those of you who prefer   Facebook

Good Morning Girls have downloadable worksheets available for each weeks study and a forum for discussions on what everyone is learning. 

Writing this has helped me clarify a few issues about my personal Quiet Time in my heart. It has helped me realise that I can have and should have study on my own when it best suits me and the time of life I am at. Seasons come and seasons go and this is my current season.  If that means before the family rises then that is when it needs to be.  I can have a shorter time later in the day with Sir N to illustrate and lead in this area, but my spiritual walk should not revolve around him but rather the needs of my personal relationship with my Saviour.

Blessings of His peace and encouragement to you all

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  1. Quite time...It is quite a challenge when one has a family to attend to! The business of the day can start very early and then the evening one is so tired. God speaks to us in so many ways while we are busy, through friends family and our children. I always had gospel music playing and Bibles all over my house and often would just pick it up and have a read. Isaiah 34:16 Seek out of the book of the Lord and read; not one of these shall fail,none shall want and lack her mate. For the mouth has commanded, and His Spirit has gathered them. Blessings and love to my precious Rose.


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