Tuesday 25 October 2011


I shared about these over at GEMS 2 TOTS on Saturday but wanted to share it with my friends here too.
Back in June Alecat shared about i-clips magnetic page markers in her post Cute, Practical Bookmarks. I was immediately hooked.

I have owned and lost almost as many book marks as books.  I have been using these for the past month and I am impressed with their performance and price.  They are a great investment in any home that has books. 


Each clip measures 57 mm from tip to tip when open, 18 mm wide and 28 mm from edge to tip when closed.

Because they are magnetic they do not fall out of the book.

Meaning you can use either side to mark the exact spot on the page you stopped reading.

They are 2 mm thick when closed and do not damage the book you are reading.

They are available in a multitude of different patterns such as: Butterflies, Emoticons, Celtic, and Cupcakes. They are fairly popular and sell out fast but be persistent till you get the ones you want.  I buy mine from Book Depository.  They come in a pack of eight.


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