Thursday, 29 December 2011

48 ways to remain Unemployed

Following on from yesterdays post about Attitude I discovered this at the same friends house.  I am not sure which publication it first appeared in to give proper credit.  If you know please message me so I can update this post.

This is a list complied by the University of New York, taken from reports produced by 153 business, of reasons most frequently given by employers for turning down candidates applying for a job with their company.

  1. Poor personal appearance
  2. Arrogance, aggressiveness, self satisfaction, superiority complex, know-it-all attitude
  3. Difficulty in expressing oneself clearly, a weak voice, poor diction and grammar.
  4. Complete lack of any career plans, projects or aims.
  5. Lack on interest and enthusiasm, passiveness and indifference.
  6. Lack of confidence and poise, nervousness, being ill at ease.
  7. No participation in activities
  8. Very interested in money, and only interested in the best offer.
  9. Poor or borderline academic achievements.
  10. Applicant refuses to start at the bottom of the ladder or is too demanding and stubborn.
  11. Applicant makes all kinds of excuses for an unfavorable report.
  12. Lack of tact.
  13. Lack of maturity.
  14. Lack of courtesy, bad manners.
  15. Applicant criticises his/her former employers.
  16. Lack of social insight.
  17. Dislike for study.
  18. Lack of vitality.
  19. Applicant does not look the interviewer straight in the eye.
  20. A lifeless handshake, without warmth.
  21. High degree of indecision.
  22. Marital problems.
  23. Inability to get along with parents.
  24. Applicant neglects to answer all the questions on application form.
  25. Very limited job search.
  26. Looking for temporary work.
  27. Little or no sense of humour.
  28. Insufficient knowledge of his/her area of specialisation.
  29. Lets his/her parents make the decisions.
  30. No interest in the company or industry.
  31. Applicant stresses the fact that he/she is well connected with someone in the company, tries to "pull strings."
  32. Unwillingness to transfer to new location.
  33. Too cynical
  34. A poor moral attitude.
  35. Candidate displays laziness.
  36. An intolerant candidate.
  37. Limited interests.
  38. Mismanagement of personal finances.
  39. No interest in company activities.
  40. Inability to take criticism.
  41. No consideration for the value of experience.
  42. Radical ideas.
  43. Late for the interview without a good reason.
  44. Applicant has no knowledge of the company to which he/she is applying.
  45. Failure to ask questions about the job.
  46. Too aggressive and too insistent.
  47. Applicant answers questions evasively.
  48. Lack of personal initiative.

This list certainly makes for interesting reading and a great learning tool for anyone in the job application market. It was of interest to me having two teens in the house who have completed school and some tertiary study.


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