Tuesday, 27 December 2011

52 books in 52 weeks for 2012

I love to read.  It's my idea of a good holiday and one of the best ways to recharge and refresh.  When I was at school it was nothing for me to read a 1 000 page book in two days.

In case you are wondering I did not love reading as a young child.  When I was around 10 years old I can remember my Mom offering me R10 (the equivalent of around $100 now) to read one 150 page book.  I tried but gave up after two days.

It was not until I reached high school that I started enjoying reading. I think I was around fourteen years old.  It would take me a whole week to read ONE 150 page book! After about four months I was up to eight books a week and progressed to longer novels.  The library became my new best friend.

Then ....

               new seasons in my life meant that the time was no longer available to read.

Reading for me is as essential as breathing is to live.  I was sitting thinking that I can't remember when last I read for pleasure or learning on a regular basis.  So when I read about this challenge I became inspired to start reading again.

So who is up for the challenge and will join me in the new year ?

Look at what I have in my book basket: 


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  1. That looks like a *fun* challenge Chareen.
    Once our christmas guests are gone ... I'm feeling inspired to blog up & join in :-)

    Blessings, too, to you and your family for the New Year!

  2. Hi Chelle.

    I agree :) It has inspired me to read all those books I have purchased and put on the shelf to read one day ! Now I might just get to reading them.

    Looking forward to seeing your book basket !

  3. Welcome to the 52 books challenge. I'm the same way - reading is as necessary as breather. So happy the challenge inspired you. Look forward to hearing about your reads.

  4. Hi Robin

    Thank you for the welcome :) I am looking forward to Sunday !


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