Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Genre and Sub Genre {Thriller/Suspense} 3/5

Welcome to day 3 of Genre and Sub Genre.  I was poking around at the host blog for 52 Books in 52 Weeks and discovered an interesting page about genre and sub genre.  I have always wondered what the different genre classifications were  in books so wanted to share them here with you.

There are 5 categories so will share one a day this week.

Genre and Sub Genre categories

  1. Action: a story that often features a race against the clock, lots of violence, and an obvious antagonist.
  2. Comic: a thriller played for laughs, whether through a spoof of the genre or wisecracking interplay between the protagonists.
  3. Conspiracy: a thriller in which the hero battles a large, powerful group whose true extent only he recognizes.
  4. Crime: a story focused on the commission of a crime, often from the point of view of the criminals.
  5. Disaster: a story in which Mother Nature herself is the antagonist, in the form of a hurricane, earthquake or some other natural menace.
  6. Eco-Thriller: a story in which the hero battles some ecological calamity Ð and often has to also fight the people responsible for creating that calamity.
  7. Erotic: a thriller in which sex plays a major role.
  8. Espionage: the classic international spy novel, which is enjoying a resurgence with one important change: where spies used to battle enemy spies, they now battle terrorists.
  9. Forensic: a thriller featuring the work of forensic experts, whose involvement often puts their own lives at risk.
  10. Historical: a thriller taking place in a specific and recognizable historic period.
  11. Horror: a story—generally featuring some monstrous villain Ð in which fear and violence play a major part, complete with graphic descriptions.
  12. Legal: a thriller in which a lawyer confronts enemies outside as well as inside the courtroom, generally putting his own life at risk.
  13. Medical: a thriller featuring medical personnel, whether battling a legitimate medical threat such as a world-wide virus, or the illegal or immoral use of medical technology.
  14. Military: a thriller featuring a military protagonist, often working behind enemy lines or as part of a specialized force.
  15. Police Procedural: a crime thriller that follows the police as they work their way through a case.
  16. Political Intrigue: a thriller in which the hero must ensure the stability of the government that employs him.
  17. Psychological: a suspenseful thriller in which the conflict between the characters is mental and emotional rather than physical—until an often violent resolution.
  18. Romantic: a thriller in which the protagonists are romantically involved.
  19. Supernatural: a thriller in which the hero, the antagonist, or both have supernatural powers.
  20. Technological: a thriller in which technology Ð usually run amok Ð is central to the plot.

Thank you to Writers Digest and 52 books in 52 weeks for the sub genre breakdown

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