Wednesday 28 March 2012

Expedition Earth: AFRICA - Morocco

What a beautiful country !  
I am inspired and would love to go here and explore.
We Learned
We experimented making repeating patterns.
We used Pattern Blocks from Sonlight.
  • Moroccan food tastes wonderful !
  • Morocco is known for it's ceramic tile designs.
  • The designs themselves are an act of worship and are in keeping with the Islamic law, humans or animals or plants are not to be depicted in art.
  • The kings castle has golden doors.
  • During Ramadan they don't eat during the day.
  • One sand dune is so tall it has a name. 
  • The Cascades d'Ouzoud waterfall is 100m.
  • Their colours are green and red.
  • Some one calls from the mosque minaret to announce prayer. This happens five times a day.
  • They speak Arabic in Morocco.
  • All children must go to primary school for six years. 
  • Only half the people can read and write.
  • They have a king in Morocco. Morocco is one of three kingdoms in Africa.
The Resources we Used

Notebook Pages

On the Net

Folktales from Morocco
  •  Four Folktales We did not enjoy these however they were an interresting insight in the types of stories told.

These biscuits were gorgeous.  We really like them.  We had to add extra oil as she says in the video.
 I took the two Moroccan dinner dishes and combined them to make a one pot meal.  I made the cous cous as a side rather than adding it.  It was delicious.


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