Monday 23 April 2012

A day at Johannesburg Zoo

Thursday 12th of April saw me braving Johannesburg traffic on my own.  I am forever grateful for a gps unit which took me safely to my sisters place from where we left to go to the Johannesburg Zoo.
We were joined by my sister, her three special boys, my brother in law and his youngest, my nephew, Paul and Sir N.
Paul and the cousins

We spent a lovely day exploring the 55 hectare zoo seeing their wonderful collection of animals and enjoying a picnic lunch.  My sister blessed us with an interesting potato stix which we thoroughly enjoyed.

It was so much fun recognizing animals that we had studied in Expedition Earth Animals.

The old lion enclosure, gorilla enclosure and other animals.

Beautiful animals

Jock of the Bushveld Memorial and behind the scenes encounter.

The entry and some of the old building about the zoo
As usual we took loads of photographs.  I love the digital era it has made preserving your memories and experiences so very easy. 


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