Sunday, 14 October 2012

Geelong Wool Museum

Last week Wednesday we join three other families and went to the Geelong Wool Museum to enjoy two displays: The National Wool Museum and Step Right UP.

I confess that I had not gone to this museum before because I had heard reports that it is expensive and not worth it.  I wish I had done my own research because we had so much fun and really enjoyed our time here.

We arrived and started our explorations at Step Right Up.  The children had a lot of fun exploring and playing with the items on display.  From the write up on their website I had expected a lot more from this display.  I was disappointed but the children really enjoyed themselves.

From here we entered the rest of the museum which was a truly wonderful experience. We all had a wonderful time and ran out of time to fully explore this resource.  I hope to return again with Sir N.

The first half of the museum explores the cycle of sheep farming.  From the different types of sheep and the wool they produce to life on the sheep farm.  You get to see the process of shearing, grading and baling the wool.

The second half of the museum is dedicated to cleaning, carding, spinning and weaving the wool.

When visiting this museum give yourself more than a morning or afternoon to fully enjoy it's displays.


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  1. Wow, this looks like great fun. I love using community resources to teach, too.


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