Saturday 1 December 2012

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Thank you to Betty at Peace Creek on the Prairie and Chelle from Last in Line ... for the heads up on these two great offers.

These books are for FREE at time of publishing this blog post.  Prices are subject to change without notice so please check the price and or code validity before purchasing/downloading your product.

The Greenleaf Guide to Old Testament History
By: Cyndy Shearer

From Lulu website: This book outlines a reading program which will take you through the history of Israel by reading through the historical books from Genesis to Nehemiah chronologically. Old Testament history is divided into 196 Bible readings (approximately 1 chapter each) along with some suggestions of how to cover the material and keep it interesting. For each reading there is a series of questions to help you focus on the significant details. There are also a number of background notes and some suggestions for further study. This book won’t answer all your questions, but it will give you a well thought out program of reading and studying the ancient history of Israel. This is intended as a first history course for the early elementary grades (though many parents are using it with high school students)Suggestions are given for supplemental materials for varying grade levels ...

Adventures in Artby David Quine
From the Cornerstone Curriculum site: an eCurriculum that accesses hundreds of the world's most important paintings by the most significant painters of Western Civilization. 
Adventures in Art is an Internet based curriculum and is not intended to be printed. Adventures in Art contains three galleries. The images from each gallery are viewed on the Internet from various web sites. Each gallery contains carefully chosen images highlighting the major periods of art. This cross-sectional study focuses upon the differences between periods, because it is these differences that show shifts in ideas. Even your children can see these differences. 
The primary purpose of Adventures In Art is to help your children see the shifts in style from period to period — to see art in the flow of history. Beginning with paintings from the Early Christian period, your children will move quickly through each major period of history. It is believed that these shifts in style as seen in art reflect corresponding changes in thought. Because Adventures In Art is seeking to show the effect of world-views on culture, it is a cross-sectional study. That is to say, instead of an in-depth study of each period of history where all major artists from each style are studied prior to moving to the next period, each Gallery of Adventures In Art includes one significant painter from each period. In order to see the unfolding of Western culture, the paintings are set in a chronological sequence. Your children will begin to recognize the characteristic style of each period as well as to contrast styles from previous periods. This cross-sectional approach allows your children to see very quickly the changes in art that indicate changes in worldview.

Be sure to follow Betty's step by step guide to obtain your free e-Copy.


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