Friday, 21 December 2012

HSMJ - Of Pirates and Christmas Treasure

In my life this week…
 Wow it's been a whirl wind two weeks in my world.  We had the most wonderful week with Paul's sister and her husband visiting us for five days.  On one of the days we took the day off and went to Heallesville Sanctuary.  It was neat enjoying the great outdoors.
I also fell off the radar as as I have been familiarizing myself with TOS crew protocol and getting to know my crew mates for this year.
Sunset at Werribee Open Range Zoo last night
In our home school this week…
  • Our tickets arrived for the stage production Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.  So looking forward to this in the new year.
  • We attended a few cultural things this week.
  • We did a Pinterest inspired craft - Printable Nativity for kids DIY  (our take to be posted on Sunday)
  • Continued reading Jotham's Journey
  • Made a Christmas tree for Miss J who is flatting and doesn't have one.
  • We went to Melbourne city and explored the Christmas decorations.
  • Spent a delightful afternoon exploring the Melbourne Museum.
  • Went to Werribee Open Range Zoo for a special presentation.  More on this in January ...
Helpful homeschooling tips or advice to share…
I am inspired by…
  • I feel so blessed and encouraged after reading Renata's post on Why ? in the wake of the Sandy Hook Tragedy last week.
  • The gift of artistic creativity that the Lord has placed in so many people.
  • The hearts of those who are making an effort to help the Sandy Hook Students when they return to school in January.  The PTSA have decided they would like to give the new building a make over and create a Winter Wonderland with Snowflakes. Head on over to Angels of Heart to read more about it and how you can make and send snowflakes to help with this project.
  •  All Things Beautiful is hosting a Snowflakes for Newton Link up for the next month.
Places we’re going and people we’re seeing…

  • On Tuesday we went to Melbourne city to look at the Myer Christmas windows and explore the wonders of the Melbourne Museum.
  • Wednesday we had three families come over to watch the DVD of Pirates: The Search for Christmas Treasure followed by a trip to find some Christmas lights.
  • Thursday we spent an evening at Werribee Open Range Zoo
  • Friday we had some friends over for a play date while their Mom went to the Dr
My favorite thing this week was…
  • I had a few but my all time favourite thing was watching Pirates: The search for Christmas Treasure stage production with Sir N and Paul over at Southwest Christian Church.

What’s working/not working for us…
    • Losing my photo's from the last six months due to not backing up my hard drive since before we went to South Africa.  Sigh     tears......
    Questions/thoughts I have…
    • What software do you use to back up your PC ?
    Things I’m working on…
    • Learning about my new position on the Schoolhouse Review crew and getting to know my crew mates
    • Organizing Christmas lunch which I am hosting this year.
    • Searching eBay for a new lens for my D-SLR camera. I read about a lens that is 18-135mm. My current everyday lens is 18-55mm and could really use the extra 80 mm....
    • Catching up on my blog. 
    On My Bedside Table ...
    •  Still plugging my way through Teaching the Trivium (although I have not read any of it this week due to too many interesting things on the Internet!
    In Bloggy world I’m reading…
    I’m cooking…
    •  Nothing new..
    On Pinterest I found...

    I’m grateful for…
    •  My children who are safely with me. 

    A photo, video, link, or quote to share…

    This is an edited version of a 55 min lecture.  The full YouTube clip is available at RSA Sir Ken Robinson. There is also a PDF version of this graphic available over at Cognitive Media.

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    1. You have had a busy and full week! That first picture is gorgeous!!

      1. It was a full and busy week and we really enjoyed ourselves. I was amazed at the colours in the sky that evening and very pleased that I had my camera with me.

    2. I love give in a tow, I did not know that about their website as I never visit there. Thanks gr the heads up!

    3. So harsh losing pictures! We use Carbonite to back-up.

      1. :'( You are right on that! Every time I think of another memory it just makes me sad.

        I will check into Carbonite.



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