Tuesday 22 January 2013

TT - Meet the Squeebles

This week ...
I am excited to introduce you to

My homeschool friend Jo recommended Squeebles Spelling Test when I asked about apps for my new Samsung Galaxy Tab2.

The things which sold this app for me are:
  • The ability for me to make my own spelling lists (unlimited).
  • I am able to say the words and record them.
  • It is suitable for all ages.
  • I have the ability to customise all aspects of the game
  • The game reward system is well balanced.  Sir N needs to practice his spelling in order to earn the ability to play the game.  It's real life if you use game currency you need to earn more currency through practice.
  • Each child has their own portal.
  • No in-app purchasing , no adds and no web links It is safe for Sir N.
  • Stats and reporting for me to see how he is progressing.
Watch a 3 min YouTube demo of Squeebles Spelling.

It is available on the following platforms
  1. iPhone / iTouch
  2. iPad
  3. Android
I have also purchased and installed the math apps by key stage fun and am impressed with them all. Click on a button to find out more

They also have a few printable pages for kids who like to colour. As well as a blog (Meet The Squeebles) for your children to read about what the Squeebles get up to.

What are some of your favourite apps for android ?

 Welcome to Tuesdays Treasures.  I started these posts as a way of sharing great books in honour of my friend in New Zealand who would arrive with the treasures she had unearthed at her weekly trip to the library!


  1. Cant wait till my girl starts maths so i can try this app ! Thanks for sharing

    1. You are welcome Maryleen. Keep an eye out because Key Stage Fun will be giving you the chance to win three of their apps for the apple platform devices on the 8 February.


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