Friday, 19 April 2013

HSMJ The one about roses, new books and Homeschool Chicks

In my life this week…
It's been a great week catching up with family and friends.  My sister is going on the trip of a lifetime and is going to be stopping in New York.  Can you recommend any places for them to go ? They will be there for two days.  I went with a friend to the State Rose Gardens this week and the roses are all in bloom it was wonderful!

In our home school this week…
    • We have had a great week reading and snuggling up on the couch. 
    • We continued on our space exploration, read about farms
    • Visited The Mansion and explored historic building
    • Did our first Tennis lesson
    • Worked on copy work
      Helpful homeschooling tips or advice to share…

      I am inspired by…
      Places we’re going and people we’re seeing…
      • .This week signaled the beginning of term and we went to tennis lessons for the first time this week :) it was so much fun.
      • Nothing else has started up yet.
      • We also spent some time fellowshipping with home school families.
      My favorite thing this week was…
      Resources to Help You Homeschool 4 FREE

      What’s working/not working for us…
      • Not enough hours in my day!!
      Questions/thoughts I have…
      • Do you like twitter ?  Any tips ?  No I'm not joining twitter but I need to know how it works in order to help someone out. Looking at Tweetdeck and wondering what on earth was going on !!  I do not have twitter but need to learn to use it for a new adventure I'm beginning.  More on that in a couple of weeks time but for now do you have any tips for me ?
      Things I’m working on…
      • A blog post on Math.
      • A new venture (shhh it's TOP SECRET) 
      • A possible book giveaway . . . The Christian Parenting Handbook.  Not long now and it will be launching.  No don't buy it now on AmazonWait till launch week when you will be able to receive $400 in Parenting Resources for FREE!
      On My Bedside Table ...
      • The Christian Parenting Handbook
      • Educating the WholeHearted Child.
      In Bloggy world I’m reading…
      I’m cooking…
      • Winter food it's been really cold here this week.
      On Pinterest I found...
      I’m grateful for…
      • The love of family.
      • Bloggers who encourage one another and wives who remind us to Watch over our Marriages.
      • Ann who encourages us count our blessings daily.
      A photo, video, link, or quote to share…

      You are invited
      Yes you are.  I have started a new link up on Tuesdays.  We all have the most amazing books that we discover at the library, bookshop, curriculum fairs and op shops.  If you blog about them please come and link up on Tuesdays with Tuesday's Treasures so we can have a place to discover some new treasures for our families.


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      1. I do enjoy reading all the links you share each week:)

      2. Beautiful roses! The colors! Roses are just perfect in so many ways! And the smell!

        Heading over to check out your free homeschooling links. I also have some on a tab under my banner if you want to check them out as well. Perhaps we can share something new with each other! LOL

        1. They are looking lovely at the moment.

          I popped on over to your blog. Could you leave me a link to the specific page please :) ?

      3. I think the best way to learn about Twitter is to just use it. It seemed very foreign to me when I first started, but using it helped it make perfect sense to me. That's my 2 cents!!!

        Thanks for linking with Collage Friday :-)

      4. Thank you for the lovely comment!


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